Selecting the best type of business card can be challenging. We discuss the difference to help you make the right decision for you and your business.

How to Select the Best Business Cards for You and Your Business

As an online printing company, we offer an extensive selection of custom business cards with a variety of printing options and finishes. We understand how important it is to make a great first impression.

All of our cards along with other marketing materials such as brochures, letterhead, flyers are all printed in the U.S.A. to ensure the best print quality and a fast turnaround. Not sure which one to select? Take a look at our photo gallery to view a variety of the square, round and unique cards and printing options.

Whether you are looking to purchase a budget-friendly Matte business card or a high-end personalized business card, we’ve got you covered. Feel free to contact us for general questions or fill out our custom order form to inquire about products not available on our website.

Unique Business Cards

Painted Edge Business Cards

Looking for a conversation stopper? Check out our 32PT thick Painted Edge Cards. Choose from the following color options:

Pearlescent Colors: Gold, Green, Blue, Pink, Orange, Purple, and Yellow.

Standard Colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Brown, Black, Turquoise, Orange, and Pink.

Stand out by selecting our 32PT Painted Edge Cards. Choose from a variety of color options.

Silk Laminated Cards

These creative business cards are laminated with a thin film, making them strong, tear resistant, and water resistant. Silk cards are ideal for all business. They are printed on 19PT card stock and available in different sizes with a variety of options including Spot UV coating, Foil Stamping, and rounded corners. They are one of the most luxurious and highest qualities of cards.

When holding these cards, you’ll notice a unique feel because of the lamination. As you hand them out to your customers and potential clients, they will quickly understand that you care about your business and your brand.

Silk cards are laminated with a thin film, making them strong, tear resistant, and water resistant.

Premium Foil Business Cards

Foil adds a great depth and dimension to your card. We offer two variations of foil products including Inline Foil (Image Below)  and traditional Hot Foil Stamping, also called Stamped Foil.

Foil Stamping is the application of color or metallic foil to stock paper using a heated die. The die then presses the foil onto the surface under high pressure. This leaves the design of the die on the card stock. Select from a variety of foil colors to truly make a one-of-a-kind card.

There are advantages to printing foil stamped cards. By adding foil to your cards or other printed business materials, potential customers may place a higher value on your business and products. These cards will also grab the attention of potential clients as they are simple, affordable and eye-catching.

Traditional foil stamping is available on your choice of 16PT silk laminated card stock or 14PT uncoated card stock. The inline foil is printed on 16PT C2S card stock and is available with Flood UV coating, Spot UV, or no coating.

Makea great first impressions with foil business cards.

Plastic Cards

Along with the paper standard business card, we offer plastic business card printing too. They have become an alternative to the standard card because they are durable, making them less likely to deteriorate over time, and they are waterproof.

You can select from our 20PT Clear, 20PT Frosted or 20PT White plastic cards. These type of plastic cards are ideal for loyalty cards, gift cards, VIP cards and membership cards. Below is an example of our white plastic business cards.

White Plastic business cards have become an alternative to the standard card. They are durable, making them less likely to deteriorate over time, and they are waterproof.

Unique Business Cards

If you are looking for a creative alternative to a standard card, folded business cards may work well. These unique cards are also known as tent cards. One of the advantages of creating them, they offer a double the space than a normal business card.

By having more space, you can easily include more information such as products, services, location map, coupons to potential customers. They can be placed into a wallet similar to the standard cards.


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