We're Here for You.

As a family business, we get it. Reaching customers has never been more difficult. It doesn’t have to be. Whether in quarantine, in office or working from home Primoprint is here to help.

Check out some ways to reach your customers:

Primoprint Business Resources for COVID-19

Top 5 Ways to Reach & Help Customers

No going to the post office. Save gas, save time. We’re completely full service, which means you don’t have to be. Reach customers for less than 20 cents, each time. Not sure how to get started on design? Need help with a design, get started here.

We’ve got you covered. Start now.

Had to cancel or reschedule? Change happens. Send your customers a postcard to keep them posted on changes or simply to remind them you’re here.

Start personalizing yours now

Create a card to send a quick note or reminder. Let your customers or potential partners know you’ve updated hours, are offering different services or as a friendly reminder that you’re here to help.

Send a business card attached with a personalized letter, as a gift or hand them out!

Build that connection now

Provide some direction and help customers understand business changes. Create a brochure or flyer and hand them out to customers, include in their purchase or send out to outline your business, its benefits and that you’re here- ready to get started. There are lots of options.

What are you waiting for? Get started

You’ve had to adapt. Ensure folks know you’re open! Have a curbside pickup operation, change of hours or need to direct / send customers to a different location? Make sure your signage is simple and seen.

See our signage options and how they fit your needs:

Have other needs? Need Help?