Painted Edge Business Cards

Super Thick 32PT Uncoated Card Stock

32PT Painted Edge Business Cards Get Yours Today!
32PT Painted Edge Business Cards
Stand out with the 32PT Painted Edge Business Card.

Gain a Competitive Edge

There's no need to dive into the DIY rabbit hole; when it comes to creating creative business cards, we've got you covered. Edge painted business cards are twice as thick as the traditional business card, the uncoated card stock captivates with its striking color edges. Painted Edge cards are available in either 2"x 3.5" or 2.5"x 2.5" with standard corners and come in quantities of 250 and 500. Higher quantities and sizes are coming soon.

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Painted Edge Business Cards stack up to the competition

Competitor Cards
250 Front Only
250 Both Sides

5-7 Business Days

*Sample pricing based on competitions's similar 2 x 3.5 product
Primoprint Painted Edge Cards
250 Front Only
250 Both Sides

Primoprint's production time - only 2-4 business days!

*Sample pricing based on our standard, 2 x 3.5, Painted Edges Business Cards product

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