Market Your Business with Postcards

When it’s time to get the word out about your business, product or service, it does not have to be costly. Some of the old-fashioned marketing methods (Radio) work very well, such as the proven tool for printing custom postcards. Postcard marketing takes advantage of its simplicity and easy-to-read message. Below are some reasons why you should use business postcards to market your company.

Your Postcard Design

Grab Their Attention Immediately

Using bold colors and legible and large fonts can help grab the recipient’s attention immediately, allowing you to deliver your message to a wider audience. Including a large and attractive single photograph can also catch their attention and can address their need for your services or products. An excellent image can stir emotions quickly. While the picture gets their attention, your brief message explains all they need to know about why they should contact you.

The Messages Gets Read

One of the reasons for printing postcards work so well is because people understand your message and see it immediately. There is no need to open an envelope or have to flip through several pages find your message. It is all right there in front of them – instantly – and they can read it quickly.

Include Coupons to Increase Sales

They are large enough, allowing you to include a special coupon in the design that will help get the recipients moving on your offer. Their size enables your customers to place your card or coupon someplace where they can see it often or on the refrigerator.

Postcards are large enough allowing you to include a special coupon in the design that will help get the recipients moving on your offer.

Test Your Market

Because of the low cost, they can be used to test new products, test a new area for responses, or even to test a new price range on a new or upgraded product. If you track the results of each campaign, you can seek to improve it each time, making your campaigns even more effective.

You can also add value to your card by putting something of value on it that will cause your customers to want to keep it. This enables your business to be seen over and over again for months and possibly even for years.

Mailing Services

Another was to use postcards can be done by EDDM®. This mailing service is provided by the USPS® and is primarily used by small business to reach potential customers. Businesses can select by zip code(a) or use out EDDM® map tool to select mailing routes. Owners and marketers can choose between Print only or full-service. Learn more by reading about Every Door Direct Mail.  If you currently have a mailing list or looking to purchase a list, we can help with our Direct Mail service.

There’s so much noise on the internet now. Businesses often find postcards, brochures and printed materials cut through the noise.

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