The Dos and Don’ts of Direct Mail Marketing

At a time when digital marketing floods our inboxes and social media feeds, Direct Mail can be a powerful addition to your marketing strategy. Whether for a business, nonprofit organization, or political group, Direct Mail uses the US Postal Service to get targeting messaging into the hands of both new prospects and loyal supporters. Here are some suggested Dos and Don’ts to help enhance your marketing efforts with Direct Mail. 


Personalize your mailers. Personalization is one key to a successful Direct Mail campaign. Addressing recipients by name and crafting content that will resonate with their specific needs can help increase response rates. Whether you compile your own or purchase one from our trusted partner, Leads Please, a targeted address list will ensure your message reaches the right audience.

Include a clear call to action. The most successful Direct Mail pieces include a clear and compelling call to action. Whether directing recipients to visit your website, redeem a special offer, attend an event, or visit your store, your mailer should be informative but not overwhelming. It should include a clear message that will grab the recipient’s attention and help your piece stand out from any others in their mailbox.

Integrate Direct Mail into your overall marketing strategy. While Direct Mail can yield impressive results, it works best when integrated into a comprehensive marketing strategy. Using a variety of channels including digital ads, social media, and other offline efforts can help reach a broader audience and increase response rates.


Rush. There are many steps in the Direct Mail process. Planning your campaign well in advance will allow your message to reach customers in time for specific events or promotions. Once you’ve finalized your address list and design and you’ve placed a Direct Mail order, you should allow about two weeks for list processing, printing, and mailing.

Underestimate the importance of good design. A visually appealing design is crucial to any Direct Mail campaign. High-quality images and well-edited text will help get your message across most effectively. Depending on your skills or your organization, you may consider investing in professional graphic design services to ensure your mailer stands out and conveys professionalism. Either way, you’ll want to ensure you carefully review the final design, proofread all text, and double-check any dates or contact information before sending your mailer to print.

Miss the opportunity to learn from the results. Each Direct Mail campaign provides valuable insights into your audience’s preferences and behavior. Depending on your call to action, you can track responses to your mailing in a variety of ways. For example, using unique URLs, QR codes, or recipient feedback can help refine your approach and improve future campaigns.

Direct Mail remains a potent tool for marketers hoping to stand out from the digital clutter and engage customers on a more personal level. With just a few simple considerations, you can use Direct Mail to reach new audiences, amplify your marketing efforts, and achieve lasting success.