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How To Find Comfort In Art During Cancer

All of us, at some point in our lives, will either battle cancer ourselves or know someone who is fighting. According to the American Cancer Society, over 1.9 million new cancer cases will be diagnosed in 2023. This alarming number makes it appropriate to dedicate the month of February to National Cancer Prevention Month with February 4th being World Cancer Day

At Primoprint, we are all artists in some way and value how art helps with healing. In honor of cancer prevention and awareness, we are looking at how artists are using their skills to help those with cancer, those who have won the battle, and who provide comfort to those with loved ones facing cancer. 

The pursuit of art on a regular basis may be the key to healing our minds and bodies.

Kim Blair

Brushes With Cancer

This amazing organization matches artists with those who have been affected by cancer. Together they create a unique piece of work that tells the story of their cancer journey. The goal is to improve their quality of life through a beautiful art experience. They create memorable bonds and healing in the heart. 

Learn more about Brushes with Cancer and see some of the amazing artist work.

The Fernández Blanco Museum

If you’ve ever been to an art museum, the first and most important rule is “DO NOT TOUCH.” But at The Fernández Blanco Museum, their exhibit from July 2022 inspired and encouraged all views to “DO Touch the Artwork.”

Throughout history, we have seen many artists focus on the form of women, but during those ancient times, it was not known how to look out for signs of breast cancer. This exhibit has hidden textured lumps within the paintings so viewers can feel what abnormalities they are looking for. 

For centuries, neither the portrayed women, nor the artists or the thousands of visitors who saw the works of art could recognise the symptoms. The same happens today: many women in our country don´t know how to recognise them. That is why we wanted this exhibition to help raise awareness of the importance of recognising the symptoms to which we must pay attention to.

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Rogel Cancer Center

Located within the University of Michigan Health, the Rogel Cancer Center offers “Art Therapy” led by a Board Certified Art Therapist. The purpose of art therapy is to provide support that is creative and unique to your personal journey and help express what you may be feeling but are not able to put into words. 

They believe that art therapy has the ability to reduce stress, elevate your mood, help develop coping skills, manage side effects of treatment, and improve patients’ quality of life – among many other things. This therapy can consist of painting, beading, journaling, collaging, photography, and even sculpting. And it’s done in an environment where everyone is free to express themselves without judgment. 

The Cancer Center also houses the “Voices Art Gallery” which showcases artist work that is meant to touch the lives of those affected by cancer and is open to anyone entering the facility. 

TikTok – Dancing For Cancer

Many cancer patients are now using TikTok as a way to inspire and keep their spirits up. TikTok users are providing hours of entertainment and self-expression as they document their cancer journey – many in the form of dance!

Check out this inspirational Good News Friday video from ENews.

Tia Stoke, the self-proclaimed “Cancer Dancer” is using TikTok to share her story and help others find positivity and inspiration. She’s even also holding a motivational convention to “dance, laugh, cry and dance some more.” Check out her TikTok page to see more.

@thetiabeestokes Cancer is lonely 😭🤟🏽❤️ LOVE. Day 1,009 fighting leukemia #fyp #withsomebodywholovesme #cancerfighter ♬ I Wanna Dance With Somebody Whitney Houston Remix – Showmusik

No matter the art form, using art as a way to express yourself, is an amazing thing. Have you used art to share comfort, memories, or feeling about cancer? If so, we’d love to see your project. Tag us (#primoprint) so we can enjoy your work too.


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