Here's a list of important print materials every Realtor needs to have on hand.

Important Print Marketing Materials For Realtors

Some people think that the ubiquity of technology renders it all-powerful. Although realtors often use the internet to market their business, that isn’t the only avenue to reach customers. Plenty of people still seek out traditional print marketing materials, and some individuals may not have access or do not have the time to navigate it.

Therefore, agents should look into some of the following real estate print materials to increase traffic to their businesses, including realtor business cards, brochures, real estate signs, and Full-Service EDDM®.

At Primoprint, we are excited to offer a large selection of premium Real Estate print products. Below are just a few of the popular product options to help you and your business build more leads and ultimately sell more property.


Brochures are available in different sizes and options, allowing real estate agents to present information to interested parties in a digestible manner. Instead of reading text on a website, potential consumers can skim through the brochures to gain a visual sense of what the real estate agents have to offer.

Furthermore, they can look at brief descriptions and contact information, allowing them to decide if they want to pursue a further relationship with the company. Real estate companies can also place brochures in a variety of offices and businesses.

Realtor Business Cards

Printing realtor business cards is a must for the real estate industry.

Sometimes, real estate agents end up meeting people who could become customers, but these relationships do not always start to form in a business setting. For example, they may meet individuals at a social gathering who are interested in the services of a real estate agent.

If they have business cards or realty cards on hand, they can provide these interested parties with important contact information. Real estate agents also might go to shows where they meet with other individuals in corresponding fields. By exchanging information, they can form strong bonds.

We know that designing a custom business card can be challenging. We’re excited to provide you with free business card templates.

Realtor Signs

Many real estate companies have shops set up in their local communities. On a busy street, however, people might just walk by without ever noticing the shop; that is where signs come into play. Placing a custom sign in the window of the real estate company helps to attract attention. Also, real estate signs can convey important information about the real estate company.

It acts as a marketing display that convinces people to check out more information. Real estate agents also want to make sure that they have signs in the yards of their clients. By placing signs here, they are letting the rest of the community know that they are available to assist them too.

Postcard Marketing

Build awareness by sending real estate postcards. With EDDM®, you can Include coupon codes, discounts and announcements to get potential customers excited about your business.

Download our Free EDDM® Success Guide

Real estate companies and brokers can also let the local community know about their services through traditional mail. Therefore, they want to look into items such as real estate postcards and flyers. When they select the information to include, they should make sure that they choose the material that does not resemble spam in any way.

Some people are incredulous about material that they receive in the mail and worry that they could be scammed. Find out more about Full Service EDDM® by watching our video tutorial.

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Choosing professional images and material that presents information in an articulate manner helps people trust the company.

Outdoor Feather Flags

It’s key to grab the attention of a passerby, and having a colorful and attention-grabbing promo flag can do the trick. Custom flags that are cost-effective can increase the interest of the property and create more leads. We offer two types: teardrop flags and feather flags.

Both can be used for either indoor or outdoor use. You have the option to purchase optional hardware such as a ground stake and pole for outdoor use, or a pole and cross base for indoor use. View our flag heigh chart to see the final height once it’s been placed on the stand.

Using the internet to advertise services is important to do in the modern era. However, real estate agents do not want to forget about services that worked for their industry in the past. By doing so, they can have a powerful blend of services that market their businesses accurately in the modern age.

We offer high-quality affordable print solutions for realtors, agents, and brokers. Get started by visiting our real estate printing products and requesting a free sample packet of our products.

Questions or need a custom design? We can help with both. Feel free to contact one of our customer service representatives.

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Here are a few trusted realtor brands that Primo Print prints products for. Items include business cards, sell sheets, brochures, EDDM Postcards and more.

Realtor agents should look into some of the following real estate print materials to increase traffic to their businesses, including realtor business cards, brochures, real estate signs and Full-Service EDDM®.


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