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Let the neighborhood around your business learn about you and your service with Glossy door hangers. These affordable marketing tools continue to be effective as you can hang them on the front doors to let potential customers know about your business, services, and products.

What makes this card stock different from the others? A Glossy UV coating is applied to both sides, making your custom door hanger durable while adding extra shine, giving the colors and images a sharp and vibrant look. By doing so, this allows your design to pop and come to life!

The UV coating helps prevent the door hangers from cracking or chipping at the edges.

Local businesses like restaurants, dry cleaners, beauty salons, and convenience stores find them to be an effective way to market promotions and a great way to push for holiday sales. They are ideal for promoting sales or coupons, grand openings, or special events.

Make a statement by selecting from a variety of sizes, tear-offs, and die-cuts including Standard, Arch, and Starburst.

Allow your business or cause get noticed and become more memorable with Glossy door hangers! The little details can make all the difference.

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