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The Best Political Printing Products for Your Campaign

So you’re ready to achieve your dream to get elected, be a leader and make a major contribution to your community. However, you have opponents aiming for the same goal, and you’re going to need to promote yourself to beat your competition!

 It is a basic marketing principle that it takes approximately seven different touches of your brand to generate a sales lead. Fortunately, we have all of your political campaign printing needs to make it effective. So which political print product is best for your campaign? Take a look at some of the products that we recommend. 

Political Mailers

What are political mailers? They are cost-effective postcards that promote political candidates, campaigns, and beliefs. We provide two distinctive mail marketing services; Direct Mail and EDDM®.

Both can be used to reach new voters while keeping potential voters in the know. So, what’s the difference between Direct Mail and EDDM®? We’ll briefly break down each service. 

Direct Mail 

Direct Mail allows you to focus on demographics to reach existing or new customers. You can use an existing client list or purchase a mailing list. With Direct Mail, demographics can include items such as voter registration, income, age, in-house subscriber list, and more. 

Every Door Direct Mail®

EDDM®, also known as Every Door Direct Mail® is a service proved by the USPS® that uses geo-targeting by zip code(s) or mailing routes. With EDDM®, there is no need for using a mailing list, purchasing a list, or having a postal permit. 

With EDDM®, a candidate can easily market to a specific neighborhood or ZIP code(s) without the use of individuals’ names or addresses and chooses its audience based on specific mailing routes.

Since both do not provide envelope, they offer a better response rate than traditional mailings. You have the option to select from a variety of sizes (4” x 6”, 4” x 12”, 6” x 11”, and more) making them stand out easily among other pieces of mail. Depending on your goal, either one of these services can benefit your campaign. 

Design Tip: Create an eye-catching EDDM® design. Use large images and include well thought out content; this can help make them hard to ignore.

Brochures and Campaign Flyers

Handing out brochures and flyers can be the first and last time a candidate reaches potential voters. With brochures, the candidate has the opportunity to tell a little more about themselves, include important details on their campaign, political history and background, results, and goals. 

For example, a tri-fold brochure is a popular choice when it comes to selecting a brochure size. It allows the candidates to have a cover section, and a three-panel inside section that can be used to include valuable information, graphics and statistics.  View all our folding options

Similar to brochurs, flyers make it easy for candidates to hand out easily, educate passer-by with important information and the overall campaign message. While at a campaign event, they are easy for volunteers to hand out, and strike up a conversation.

Design Tips: Use the candidate’s picture at least once, including a short bio and information regarding previous accomplishments as well as a short, to-the-point description of political stance.

  • Keep one idea per paragraph.
  • Use short sentences.
  • Bullets points to help free up white space.

Having a simple, yet creative design can help your brochure or flyer get noticed.

Door Hangers

Whether you are running for governor, mayor or sheriff, bring your campaign message to voters front doors with full-color door hangers. They can be easily distributed door-to-door by volunteers to help voters learn more about a candidate, their beliefs, and important voting information. When placed on a doorknob, they are practically impossible to ignore, and residents are likely to read them.

Design Tip: Include colors that not only grab the attention of homeowners but are similar colors used throughout the campaign. Include images that voters can identify with, and make sure the text is easy to read and understand.

Promote and market your political campaign with custom door hangers.

Campaign Signs

Printing campaign signs are a must for any candidate and political scientists have found that they do increase name recognition. 

Similar to stickers, campaign signs are popular for volunteers and supporters to show support. They love them and are willing to display in their front yard.  Make sure it’s easy for them to learn where to pick them up, that way the candidate can draw more people and attention at an event. Generate exposure and support to win an election.

On average, lawn signs increase vote share by 1.7 percentage points. – ScienceDirect

Our campaign signs are made from durable coroplast, (corrugated plastic signs sheet that is lightweight and extremely durable) are available printed single or double-sided, and come with H-stakes.  

Tip: Before you stick it in your yard, keep in mind, cities and counties have their own rules regarding signs, including the placement of them.

Design Tip: Display the candidate’s name, district, and website. Keep them simple, so they are easy to read.

Candidates can quickly generating exposure and support to win an election. 

Business Cards

A product that’s often overlooked are business cards. These 2” x 3.5” cards are small enough to carry and will come in handy when attending meetings, campaign stops, and greeting supporters at numerous events. 

Handing supporters a custom business card makes them feel like they are receiving something personal, rather than something that is handed out to everyone (even if that’s not always the case.)

Design Tip: Make sure the card design is simple and easy to read. It should include an email address, office phone number, and a photo of the candidate or campaign logo.

Have fun and be creative with custom business cards and use the back to place the campaign slogan. 


Postcards are a marketing staple for many political campaigns because they are effective!  Also known as Push Cards or Palm Cards, majority of political campaigns include some form of a postcard. Where handing them out at a campaign rally or placed on a booth for passer-bys to pick-up, they are a marketing staple and they work! 

They are offered in a variety of sizes and provide plenty of landscape to include a campaign logo, tagline, social media profiles, and content regarding the campaign message.

Campaign Stickers

Whether you want roll-labels, crack-n-peel stickers, or bumper stickers, they are perfect for voters to show their support. Political stickers have a tendency to stick around for a long period of time. They are excellent to hand out at your events and at your local businesses.

Stickers can be exposed to thousands of potential voters. Make sure you print plenty of them to help promote a campaign and distribute them everywhere. They are affordable, so you can print them early and start handing them out ahead of your competition. And, voters love stickers!

Campaign Buttons

Campaign buttons, magnetic buttons and pins are the perfect promotional tool, and supporter keepsake for political candidates. Buttons allow supporters to show their support anytime and everywhere they go! Choose from round, square, and rectangle buttons. 

As you can see, there are plenty of products and printing services that can help promote and generate new voters for any type of campaign. Whether using campaign signs, push cards, stickers, or mailing services, getting the most exposure and reaching potential voters is essential in running a successful campaign.

Request your free political sample packet that features a variety of card stocks and finishes. Need help with a custom design? Contact one of our-in-house designers, they will be happy to help.

What other products do you recommend for successfully marketing a political campaign?

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