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Make your brand "pop" while leaving a lasting impression with Clear business cards. Whether you call them clear or transparent business cards, They will surely grab people's attention and take notice of you and your business.

They are unique and durable since they are printed on 20PT plastic, which is slightly thinner than your standard credit card. Use them as loyalty cards, discount cards, VIP cards, photo ID cards, reward cards, gift cards, and so much more. The possibilities are endless!

Plastic business cards can be used for any business professional, including plumbers, engineers, photographers, and other businesses looking for a durable card.

These plastic cards are water and tear-resistant and always printed in the USA. Each card will have rounded corners. If you would like to have square corners, please complete our custom order form.

Our clear plastic card is shipped with a thin, protective film applied to each side that needs to be removed once received. This protective layer is used to prevent scratching during packaging and shipping. View our product video, highlighting the clear protective film.

You have the opportunity to pick from three sizes and shapes, including standard and oval. It's easy to stand out and get noticed with plastic business cards.

Do you need help with a custom business card design? We'll be happy to help! Please get started by contacting one of our in-house graphic designers.

We also offer white plastic and frosted plastic cards.

*All colors that are printed on clear or frosted cards will be transparent.

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