5 Tips on How to Design a Brochure

Printing brochures are great for discussing and displaying what your business or organization has to offer. So, it’s important to make sure you create your business brochure appropriately, making it…

Big Announcement: New Sample Pack Designs

We are very excited to announce that the Primoprint Sample Pack has just gotten even better! Introducing the newly rebranded samples featuring bright new colors, more sample ink swatches, white…

Shift Happens: What and Why

Whether you are printing with us, or another printer, “shift” is something we must all take into consideration when designing files for print.

What’s the Difference Between Coated and Uncoated Card Stock

Selecting the best print product is tough if you’re not familiar with paper stocks. One of our most common customer questions is: should I use coated or uncoated card stock for my print design? Should I select Glossy or Matte business cards? So many questions. Coated and uncoated stocks often look quite similar, but the difference is how the ink lies on the paper. Coated stocks include an extra layer created during manufacturing that makes the paper less porous.