For Your Listening Pleasure: 5 Podcasts to Checkout

Are you looking for your next binge-worthy podcast or just looking to add something new to your current playlist? Look no further! We’ve curated a list of five captivating podcasts that include a variety of subjects and formats, so there’s sure to be something for everyone to enjoy. 

1. Heavyweight: Delving Into Life’s Untold Stories

Host Jonathan Goldstein helps guests revisit pivotal moments from their past in search of resolution or closure. While the show sometimes tackles some pretty heavy topics, Goldstein’s signature deadpan delivery infuses the show with humor and insight. With eight seasons of episodes, there’s plenty of material to enjoy.

2. Who S#&! On the Floor at My Wedding?: A Quirky True Crime Adventure Not For the Faint of Heart

Who S#&! On the Floor at My Wedding? is unlike any other true crime podcast you’ve ever heard. Hosts Helen Mclaughlin and Karen Whitehouse, along with their friend and hilariously unqualified detective Lauren Kilby, embark on a comedic journey to solve the mystery of an unspeakable surprise at their 2018 wedding using all the usual procedures you’d expect to find in a true crime podcast. From interrogating wedding guests to interviewing real-life forensic experts, each episode is filled with laughs and unexpected twists. If you don’t mind a bit of toilet humor and over-the-top silliness, this limited series is sure to delight.

3. Ologies: Exploring the Wonders of Science

Hosted by the brilliant Ali Ward, Ologies is a treat for science enthusiasts and curious minds alike. In each episode, Ward dives deep into a specific aspect of the natural world, from native plants to black holes, with expert guests. The result? Engaging conversations that are both informative and entertaining. Whether you’re a seasoned science buff or just curious at heart, Ologies has something for everyone.

4. The Mortified Podcast: An Awkward Trip Down Memory Lane

The Mortified Podcast features adults who revisit their awkward adolescent years by reading things they wrote at the time, like cringy journal entries, ansty song lyrics, and sappy love letters.. Their stories are not only hilarious and nostalgic, but also a good reminder that we were all once awkward teenagers just doing our best to make sense of the world. This show will have you laughing, cringing, reminiscing, and maybe even wanting to revisit some of your own teenage journals.

5. Serial Season 4: The Return of a Classic

When the first season of Serial aired in 2014, it quickly became a cultural phenomenon, fueling the popularity of the true-crime genre. Season 4, which is now in progress, is the culmination of a nine-year project, with hosts Sarah Koenig and Dana Chivvis delving into the history of the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp. Their reporting includes insights gleaned from interviews with camp staff, lawyers, and former prisoners, and it provides a thought-provoking look into this complex subject. With two more episodes to come, their story is still unfolding.

Whether you’re in the mood for heartfelt storytelling, quirky mysteries, scientific exploration, or thought-provoking journalism, these five podcasts have you covered. So click the links above and find your next podcast obsession!