We've listed some techniques to use the next time you are crafting your copy.

Emotional Triggers: How to Write Great Copy

Writing great copy is an art. It must evoke emotion and fire up the hearts of your customers. The copy is the voice of your company. The goal is to craft a message that draws your customers in and, ultimately, leads to the desired outcome. They want to feel an emotional response, and it’s your job to tap into their needs.

Love and yearning are two of the more popular emotions marketers target, but there is a whole range of feelings that you can tap into. Through your writing, you might stimulate their desire to take a cruise, or leave them craving your Italian restaurant’s linguini. At the very least, your words could be the catalyst for your customer to reach out and contact you for more information.

Try using some of these techniques next time you are crafting your copy.

  • Instant Gratification: We live in a society where we want everything done immediately. Cultivate that emotion when advertising something that has a quick reward turnaround. A great example of this would be activity monitors, such as a Fitbit.
  • Financial Reward: Everyone is in search of the best deal. While this might seem like an obvious ploy for a marketing team, don’t overlook it. Keep it simple and share with your customers how you can save them the most money. Companies like Walmart and Target are great examples of how to utilize this tactic.
  • Fear: Don’t rule out fear. Speak to your consumer as if not heeding your message will result in trouble or worse, FOMO (fear of missing out). Fear is by no means a way to threaten your audience; rather, a way to assuage their fears with your product or service.
  • Time Savings: Time is a limited commodity, so it’s natural to understand why it’s so valued. Therefore, if your writing can persuade customers that your product or service will save time, point that out. For example, not everyone enjoys cleaning their homes. A maid service is a great example of someone finding a way to spend a little money to utilize their time doing something they prioritize more.
  • Pop Culture: There’s no denying it, Americans love pop culture. If you can cull something from pop culture, you’ll be able to garner those emotions with what’s cool and hip. For example, Capitol One uses Taylor Swift as their pop culture icon to stay relevant and trendy.

Tip: Try to be transparent. Display customer reviews and testimonials.

There are hundreds of ways to tap into the emotions of your customers. Below are additional ways to establish a connection with your customer that you can consider to help your copy stand out: trust, value, desire, leadership, love, hope, guilt.

You may be wondering which emotion you should pursue in your copy? The easiest way to tackle this decision is to examine your target audience. Consider what would resonate most with them based on their interests, location, finances, demographics, and age. Utilizing this information, you can hone into the perfect emotion for that occasion.

Do you have an example of a business that utilizes emotional copy to its fullest? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Try using some of these techniques next time you are crafting your copy.


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