Find out why it's important for students and recent graduates to have student business cards.

Why Students Need Business Cards

Whether you’re wrapping up your final collegiate semester or a recent graduate, it’s essential to dive into the job hunt prepared. Business cards are necessary for students who are trying to make a connection or networking to further their careers right before graduation and shortly after.

Even in this digital age, business cards are still relevant. The print isn’t dead and is indeed alive!

By combining a well-designed business card and tech-savvy knowledge, you are sure to stand out among your fellow competitors. Using them during social and networking events can give you a huge advantage. 

You may be asking yourself how? Well, below  are a few benefits of having student business cards

They’re Personable

Business Cards continue to be personable. Engaging in eye contact and cultivating a conversation is key for starting a strong business relationship. It’s better to create that personal interaction by handing out a physical business card.

Take the initiative to say hello and introduce yourself.


Today, 96% of people own a smartphone. So, it’s nearly impossible to find someone without one. Now, that doesn’t mean it’s easier or faster to share your contact information. Rather than typing someone’s information on the spot, you can simply hand them your business card. By doing so, this allows the person to plug in your information at his or her convenience. 

Showcase Your Creativity

The 2″ x 3.5″ card size seems small, but they can easily allow you to showcase your creativity. It can be hard to show diversity by merely texting your contact information or only sending an invite via LinkedIn. So, make sure you create a unique design allowing your custom business card to stand out. Don’t be hesitant to use unique color combinations, styles, or finishes. 

If you’re looking to give your card and design a playful edge, take a look at our Painted Edge Business Cards offering some colorful options (Red, Orange, Purple, Green, Gold, and more.) If you want to add a unique feature and a popular choice, view our Matte with Spot UV Cards.

Majority of business professionals agree that there’s nothing more undesirable than a flimsy business card.

Unique business cards stand out; your card is a physical representation of your self-branding. When a prospective employer or colleague takes away your card from an encounter, your brand stays with them. Picking the right design and card stock can make you stand out among the rest.

Business cards are effective tools fro college students wanting to highlight their profession.

Promote Yourself

You can use them to promote your online presence. When thinking about a business card design, make sure you include the “staples” including your name and contact information. However, your contact information doesn’t have to stop at your email and phone number. Does your Instagram showcase your creative side?

If so, include it on the card. However, before you decide on adding your social profile (s), make sure your content is appropriate for professional use. 

Plus, you can include any professional websites or online portfolios that can be beneficial. For example, if you are a graphic designer and have a Dribbble account, that would be a great site to include.

They Get Shared – Continue to Market You

A business card is a physical object, which makes it easier to use as a left-behind to prospects. Your name and brand stay with them. Do you remember reason #2 from above? 

After you exchange your phone number or email address at an event, you both might walk away.   Potential communication can end there. If you handed them a business card, that card could have made a lasting impression on the person receiving it. If impressed, they’re more than likely to hang onto the card and probably share it with others. Plus, it’s putting you and your brand in front of further prospects. 

Without a card, you may find yourself putting your phone number and additional contact information on a piece of paper. Sure, it’s easy and quick, but it’s not professional and later might be mistaken as garbage and thrown away. But, if you had an affordable and well-designed card, it’s less likely it’s going to be set aside and forgotten. 

Personal Branding

Having a business card means you’re professional. Not only does it demonstrate that you are prepared, but you are ready for the next big thing.

Your personal brand is a promise to your clients…a promise of quality, consistency, competency, and reliability. @JasonHartmanROI 

As a soon-to-be graduate or current student, you need to make sure that you brand yourself in a particular way. Whether it is a specific industry or interest, personal branding is a must. Having business cards is an excellent way for you to stand out among classmates and potentially get noticed by other professionals. 

College student business cards are perfect for  personal branding.

Great for Networking

Building connections can provide an excellent opportunity for you to be prepared and achieve your career goals. We’ve all heard it, network, network, network. Having business cards on-hand is a must when networking. 

Networking is marketing. Marketing yourself, your uniqueness, what you stand for. — Christine Comaford-Lynch

Usually, when attending a networking event, you’re introducing yourself and talking to a variety of people. Once it is over, it can be difficult and even challenging to remember everyone you spoke to. That’s when business cards are handy. You can quickly go through them to help you remember the person, company, and most importantly, the conversation.

They can help refresh your memory. Those who received your card will more likely be doing the same. But, rather than a business name, you can display your major, career field, or interests. Take a look at The Importance of Networking in College, Plus 7 Tips for Succes for additional information on networking. 

Business Card Design:

When it comes to designing your business card, less is more. Our in-house graphic designer, Brooke, discusses the do’s and don’t of a business card design.

From artists to photographers, student business cards can be an effective marketing tool for recent graduates.

Printing business cards can be a little overwhelming. If you’re looking for affordable, unique business cards, Primoprit offers a wide variety of styles and finishes. Are you looking for a custom design, get started here. (Link to design form)

Remember, your card is one of your essential marketing tools. When you meet a professional at a networking or social event, you’ll be able to exchange business cards with confidence.

If you are a current student or recently graduated, let us know why and how you use your student business cards. 

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 We've listed a few benefits of having student business cards.


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