Is EDDM the Right Marketing Campaign for Your Business? We take a look at every door direct mail and how it can benefit your business.

Is EDDM® the Right Marketing Campaign for Your Business?

The U.S. Postal Service® introduced a promotional idea that has become rapidly popular with small businesses throughout the United States. The program called Every Door Direct Mail® (also known as EDDM®) is an effective way to promote a small business by using a mail promotion strategy. This mailing service is simple-to-understand, easy-to-use, smart, and affordable.

All a company has to do is send their postcard to a specific route that they want to target. It allows businesses to reach all addresses in the targeted  ZIP code(s) and USPS® mailing routes.

What is Every Door Direct Mail®?

Although the program was initially designed to cater to the needs of small business owners, offering a consultancy, retail, or service business, it has grown to include medium to large companies as well. The program is especially useful for companies that depend on foot traffic in a local neighborhood.

Using these oversized postcards enables businesses of all kinds and EDDM® sizes to have been able to bring a steady stream of customers to their local store or office. Attracting new customers with special introductory offers or reminding old customers of discount specials is easy with postcards. Regular use of this program can create a significant rise in one’s customer base.

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EDDM® Route Selection Tutorial

Interested in learning more about how to select routes based on Zip Code and USPS® mailing routes? The video tutorial below will show you how to use our route selection tool.

Market Testing

Medium to large businesses has been using this program to test local marketing ideas to gauge customer response to promotions. If an idea proves successful, they can then roll it out to the rest of their businesses, which might be regional or nationwide in scope.

Franchisors have also used them to test out turnkey pricing, menus, and other customizable templates. When franchisees invest in a new business anywhere in the country, many retail factors have already been tested out.

It’s a great marketing tool and is applicable to numerous scenarios. For example, a local business could utilize them to showcase its discounts for Black Friday to a targeted area. If a new company is looking to spread the word about its presence, it can utilize EDDM® as an announcement and offer an enticing coupon. When creating your content, make sure to include strong calls to action as well as easy-to-read contact information.

Top Businesses Using EDDM®

It’s particularly helpful in promoting the services of the following types of small local businesses:

  • Restaurant businesses: franchises, ice cream stores, and pizzerias.
  • Home improvement businesses: home cleaning, carpet cleaning, landscaping, and window washing.
  • Health-related businesses: dentists, chiropractors, and alternative health practitioners, as well as health centers, hospitals, and pharmacies.
  • Service-related businesses: dry cleaners, florists, accountants, and seasonal tax professionals.
  • Automotive businesses: auto repair shops, oil changing centers, car washes, and tire shops.
  • Health and beauty businesses: massage studios, hair salons, spas, and gyms.
  • Non-profits: churches, civic organizations, and volunteer groups.

Naturally, this is not an exhaustive list, but it provides a broad idea of businesses that have benefited from using EDDM® postcards.

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