Business cards can be fun, stylish and have the ability to grab the attention of customers and potential clients quickly. First impression can be important for you and your business brand!

The Best Business Card Design Tips


Even in the digital age, business cards are a useful marketing and networking tool. Well-designed premium business cards ensure that the recipient will remember you and what you offer.

Below are some tips to help create a useful and powerful business card.

2018 Business Card Design Tips

Keep your business card design clean and professional. Choose a design that reflects your brand. Hiring a designer is a good investment if you have a business where an image is essential.  We offer a variety of free business card templates ensuring a proper, speedy and accurate production of the products. To inquire about custom orders, please fill out the online contact form.

Readability is Essential

We offer a large selection of business cards and printing options. Select the right realtor business cards including 14PT, 16PT and thick 32PT business card.

Using unique and “fancy fonts” are not meant for a printed business card. Try to keep your fonts simple and large enough to read at a glance. Using no more than two types of fonts is important. Choosing light print on dark colors is particularly hard for some people to understand, so by using neutral colors with black, dark blue or grey print is preferable. Make sure you try to keep the front free of clutter, with displaying only the basics: name and contact information. If you have additional vital information, place it on the back of the business card as this can include social media profiles and other company information.

Layout Is Important

There are a variety of sizes for business cards, but it’s best to use the standard 3.5-inch by 2-inch rectangle size. Die-cut cards are eye-catching but can be difficult to store. Designing the card with left-aligned text is the easiest to read, while centered text looks cluttered and can be more difficult to understand. While it’s important to display your company logo, try not to allow it to overwhelm the front of the card or put it too close to the edge. You’ll want to make sure it stands out from the text. If choosing to include borders or lines, be careful with cutting as it could make the cards look uneven or crooked.

We're excited to announce new painted edge colors for our 32PT thick business card.

Include Pertinent Information

Always include at least two ways to contact you. The minimal information needed on your business card should include company name, employee name, phone number, email address and company website. If room permits try to add the company’s social media profiles. It’s another way for customers to contact you and research your company, services, and products. In today’s world of technology, there is no need to include a business fax number.

Business Card Quality

Your card stock quality is a reflection of your company, product, and service. Choosing a 12PT to 14PT thickness is the top quality for durability and even our 32PT thick business card. A Glossy finish is suitable for photos, but it can difficult to write on.

Uncoated paper is more formal and can be matched to your company stationery, letterhead, envelopes, printed brochures and additional printed materials. Custom finishing, such as raised lettering, embossing or foil stamping, can add class to an otherwise dull business card.It contains three layers of ultra premium uncoated card stock that are glued together for a combined thickness of 32PT.

Other Types of Business Cards

There are other printed business cards available such as plastic cards and silk laminated. Premium plastic cards are perfect for membership cards, VIP cards, loyalty cards and more. Choosing a silk card adds an elegant and a smooth finish to your card while making them water and tear resistant.

Your business card says a lot about you and your company. Don’t cut back on something that may create a great impression with contacts, making them remember and associate you with your business. While all business cards should follow the same simple formula, the little extras can make yours memorable and distinctive.

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Request a Sample Packet

Deciding on which type of business card can be an essential business decision. We offer a free business card sample packet that contains high quality printed examples on a variety of paper stock and finishes.

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