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3 Benefits of Using EDDM® for Your Business

The USPS® has a method for you to reach local prospects for your business called EDDM®, also known as Every Door Direct Mail®. You literally send your detailed message to every door on a postal route in an area you choose. The primary benefit of this service is to reach a local audience to increases your profits, and EDDM® postcards can help.

Why Use EDDM®?

You are able to save time and money by easily selecting mailing routes or zip code(s). This can all be done with the mapping tool.

Do you want to reach your entire city, a radius from your business, or just one zip code? Print your every door direct mail postcards, choose the EDDM® sizes that best fits your plan and then select a route and send up to 5,000 EDDM® postcards per day per zip code. It’s easier and costs about as much as an email marketing campaign. With email marketing you spend time:

  • Creating a mailing list
  • Getting your audience’s permission to contact them
  • Writing or hiring a writer to create content for the list

Consider your hourly rate for these actions; how much does your email marketing campaign cost per person on your list? Postcard marketing continues to be a cost-effective way to reach new and potential customers.

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Now Offering Full-Service EDDM®

Reach customers as little as 26 cents per home including postage! Find out how you can reach potential customers by watching our EDDM® Route Selection Tool.

Reach Local Businesses and Consumers

Is your internet marketing campaign reaching your target market? While search engine and social media marketing methods embrace localization, the EDDM® postcard service already reaches the potential clients surrounding your business. With internet marketing, your contact list includes people from every location.

With Every Door Direct Mail®, you know they are close to you because you chose the route. Since these oversized postcards can reach every door on the route chosen by ZIP code(s), you can reach businesses as well as consumers, making sure your message is in their hands. You can exclude businesses too and only reach households on the route. You build your brand and expand your reach with this service.

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Get a Higher Return On Investment

Every Door Direct Mail® gets a higher return on investment than other marketing methods. Why? Well, here are three reasons:

  • People move and are no longer your target audience. With EDDM®, you reach the new person at the location.
  • People like to buy from someone that shares a common ground. Using EDDM® to target the neighborhoods around your business gives that common ground.
  • People trust those they can see or check on in-person. EDDM® reaches the people that physically can come to your office or retail location.

For additional information, read our previous blog How Every Door Direct Mail® Can Help Your Business. Print your premium oversized postcards with Primoprint, an online printing company. We work with small business to create and print their mail pieces. The EDDM® postcards can include menus, coupons, special event announcements, store maps and more. You create a message that gets customers to your door or directs them to your website.

Not sure about using EDDM®? Take a loot at the benefits of including EDDM® for your business advertising.


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