Marketing with Table Tents

Why Table Tent Marketing is so Effective

I’m sure we’ve all been to restaurants and bars and seen the small triangle cards sitting on the tables. And I would bet that just about every time you see one on your table, you grab it and look at the message. I know I do! With the use of custom table tents, your audience is at your fingertips. They are sitting there, willing and waiting, for you to give them something to view. That is why tabletop marketing is so effective.

And do you want to know the glorious part is? This marketing tool works far beyond as table tents for restaurants and bars!

Other great uses for table tents are listing company services, showing pricing, highlighting new products, advertising your social handles, displaying credentials, providing directions, and showing upcoming events. The possibilities are endless. If you have an audience standing around, and some table or counter available, table tents are the way to go.

Here are some examples of how we have used table tents in the past:

Examples of custom table tents promoting a variety of products and items.

And don’t be afraid to think outside the box. One client, we design for realized that table tents are the perfect size and shape to go around the scarves they sell. So now this paper marketing tool has become part of their product packaging. The same concept would work great for t-shirts or other products that can roll up and fit inside. And they sit nicely on store shelves since they have the flat bottom.

Use Table Tents for Unique Packaging

Templates and Stock Options

When you are ready to put together your artwork, be sure you download one of the table tent templates from our website including the following sizes 4 x 6 and 5 x 5.5. With our template, you’ll be able to see where the fold lines are, making sure your artwork is displayed correctly.

Do you have a great idea for how to use your table tent? We’d love to see what you’ve got! Tag us (@Printprint) on Instagram or hashtag your photos with #primoprint.

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