Get Inspired by these Design Sites

Creative Sites that Inspire Our Team

To inspire means to give someone the craving or capability to do or feel something, something creative. Below are four sites that inspire our creative team. Check them out and get inspired! Tweet @Primoprint your favorite websites to draw inspiration from using the hashtag #GetInspired.

Juxtapoz offers a huge variety of articles highlighting artists across the media spectrum. It’s a great place to be inspired visually as well as come away having learned something new.

– Kelly Alexander (Graphic Designer)

Creative Market  

Every Monday morning I get excited to check out the freebies from which more often than not to inspire a new design.

– Michaela Horton (Graphic Designer + Photographer)


Dribbble is showing and tell for designers.” It’s a great way to see what other designers are working on and allows members to give and receive feedback on their latest projects.

– Jen Johnson (Brand Manager)


I like the blog Bashooka. There are a ton of posts about inspiration, freebies, templates, how-to’s, etc. They seem to be in touch with current trends, and they post often!

– Brooke Ernst (Design Team Director)


Having been with the company for 7 years, Suzy now leads Social Media Marketing at Primoprint. With over 10 years of social media and art experience, she enjoys brainstorming about ways to engage customers and viewers in fun and engaging ways. When not working, Suzy loves teaching yoga and being creative with all forms of art.

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