10 Designers to Follow on Dribbble

If you’ve ever stumbled upon Dribbble, you may have noticed the over-abundance of talent. Thousands of designers, from around the world, sharing their designs, looking for feedback, and providing hours worth of design inspiration.

We have put together a list of 10 designers to watch, all unique in their approach, all follow-worthy!


Jay Master


Why we like it: Jay’s portfolio is very fun. It feels as though he can grab your attention with clean design, but without taking it so seriously. He has a great use of color, diverse subjects, and clever imagery. 


Josh Warren


Why we like it: I’m a sucker for logo design and icons. And Josh has 466 of them to keep my attention. He has a lot of line drawings that keep objects economized. Yet he clearly has great attention to detail!


Salih Küçükağa


Why we like it: Salih shows such a high level of sophistication. Each piece is beautifully crafted with enormous amounts of detail, yet his designs are very simple. Typography is perfectly placed with the kerning and leading feeling very thought out. I could stare at this stuff all day! 


Seth Rexilius


Why we like it: This portfolio shows a wide variety of designs and styles. He features projects such as logos, websites, and packaging – all with a unique sense of style. Seth really feels like a seasoned designer who can adapt to any client’s needs. 


Katelyn Berkshire


Why we like it: She has a very organic style – a beautiful simplicity while keeping each design feeling interesting and unique. I think big things will come from Katelyn in the future!


Ursula Bronzena


Why we like it: This is a very fun portfolio to browse through. Lots of colors, very “morning time in June” feeling. 


Arno Kathollnig


Why we like it: This portfolio is full of the most detailed graphics I’ve ever seen. Absolutely beautiful!


Olga Hashim


Why we like it: This portfolio of work is very female-driven. Her soft, feminine approach shows women in a beautiful, independent state.


Kevin Craft


Why we like it: This designer has a great sense of logo development. I love his use of shapes and symmetry. Text is all uniquely placed with precise kerning. There is a large body of work here to explore. 




Why we like it: I can’t provide a list to follow without including ourselves!! The Primoprint Dribbble page is full of design inspiration ranging from logos to business cards, to wedding invitations, to racing hero cards, to everything in between. You won’t be sorry if you follow this account!


Who are some of your favorite Dribbble designers to follow? Comment below and we’ll check them out!