Holiday Recommended Readin

6 Books To Top Your Holiday Reading List

Are you getting ready to travel this holiday season? Whether you are driving, flying, or taking the bus, here are some recommendations to keep that 5-hour plane ride feeling like 2. 

Here is a sneak peek at 6 books to pick up for your holiday travels (In No Particular Order):

Limitless: Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster, and Unlock Your Exceptional Life 

Author: Jim Kwik

If the title didn’t give it away, this book is about brain health and fitness. Limitless dives into your mindset, while igniting your motivation, and mastering your method. 

The Road Less Stupid

Author:  Keith J. Cunningham

Growing a business can be challenging and each day is different. This book will keep you from doing really stupid things. The series of short chapters will have your mind thinking and help make critical decisions to help your business grow.

Relationship Grit: A True Story with Lessons to Stay Together, Grow Together and Thrive Together

Authors: Jon Gordon and Kathryn Gordon

Learn the 4 principles of G.R.I.T  according to Jon and Kathryn. They give you an inside look at their 23-year marriage and what almost destroyed it. Read about mistakes that were made and how they overcame challenges to come out stronger.

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Author: Patrick Lencioni

Dive into the 5 dysfunctions of a team and how it leads to failure.
1. Absence of trust

2. Fear of conflict 

3. Lack of commitment 

4. Avoidance of accountability 

5. Inattention to results

4 Essential Keys to Effective Communication in Love, Life, Work–Anywhere!

Author:  Bento C Leal III

Communication barriers are hard to overcome. Learn 4 key techniques to overcome the barriers and grow. At the end of the book, there is a 12-day communication challenge that you could use as you start your holiday.

Fail Until You Don’t: Fight. Grind. Repeat. 

Author: Bobby Bones

This feel-good book helps remind us that no matter our goals in life, we must always keep trying. If we fall, we need to get back up and try again. Bobby and a few of his friends share stories about mistakes, “awkward moments, and embarrassing situations” that lead to their success.

So put your computer down and pick up a book. Check your local bookstore or Amazon to get your copy.