Use the following tips to learn how to write the perfect real estate agent bio.

How to Write the Perfect Real Estate Agent Bio

Half of all home buyers find their homes on the internet, yet the percentage of real estate agents with websites remains quite small, according to the National Association of Realtors. A website is one of the most affordable marketing strategies, especially for those just starting in real estate.

51% of buyers found the home they purchased from the internet.

To capitalize on online traffic, you need a website that shows listings and a bio that presents you as an authority in the real estate industry.

Use the following tips to learn how to write the perfect real estate agent bio.

Introduce Yourself

Prospective clients read your real estate agent bio because they want to know if you can help them achieve their goal of buying or selling a home and if you are an excellent fit for them. The latter, likability, comes from your ability to connect with a prospective client. Use your biography to build a connection between you and your clients. Before you introduce yourself, think of the type of clients you want to contact you. Write it with an audience in mind. Ask yourself what kind of information they would find interesting about you.

Once you have an audience in mind, include background information about yourself. If you are a long-time resident of the area or an established real estate agent, make sure you highlight this information. Feel free to briefly outline your journey into real estate if it makes your bio more compelling or helps you appear trustworthy and relatable. Try to include your most significant accomplishments and feature any local or national awards.

Claim Your Stake in the Area

Identify your status within the community you work within. Show your expertise of the neighborhood so that prospective clients know you can find them the exact home they need and address any concerns they might have, such as school zoning or city approval for remodeling. In addition to living there, mention the love of your community and your connections. You can do this by discussing your participation in local real estate organizations.  Help clients understand that you have a stake in the success of the community.

If you sit on nonpartisan, charitable boards in your community, you can list those as well. If you are involved in several community organizations, try using bullet points to break up the content and keep your descriptions short. Any information you provide on your community involvement needs to be relatable to your target audience and position you as knowledgeable and connected to your area. For instance, describe your work with the local chamber of commerce or a local educational organization, but leave out your time as a volunteer pet groomer.

Explain Your Niche in the Real Estate Market

Explain your specific value in your real estate agent bio by elaborating on your niche and state both your focus and your success within your particular niche. If your niche is first-time homebuyers, you could highlight your success in the percentage of homebuying you complete under asking price. For niches in high demand and low supply area, note your success. Whatever your niche, make sure to describe both what it is and your proven success.

If you are new to real estate or have not found a niche yet, then this is also an excellent time to figure out what you would like it to be. Look at statistics on home buyers in the area and compare that information to real estate agents in your area. Capitalize on gaps between buyers and established agents. Sell yourself in your online bio as the only real estate agent in the community for that gap.

Refocus Your Lack of Real Estate Experience

Creating the perfect real estate bio can be especially complicated for those who are new to the career. Even if you are a new agent, you can create a one that is relatable and makes people want to contact you. Instead of focusing on what you do not have, focus on what great things you have managed to accomplish in a short amount of time. Think about your accomplishments during your training and how to use those accomplishments as strengths. Dig deeper into your background and what drew you into real estate. Go into more detail to explain your connection with the community.

If you have experience in another career before real estate, brainstorm ways to relate that experience to real estate, for example, if you have experience in finance or a job that involved negotiation, explain how you use that experience to inform your approach to buying and selling homes. If your career before real estate was raising your children, connect your expertise in budgeting and community involvement as assets for a real estate agent.

Make Your Bio Easy to Read

Break content into manageable sections so that it is easier to read. Although you should use italics and bold type occasionally, use fonts that will draw attention to something significant. Buyers, especially first-time homebuyers, can feel uneasy with technical real estate concepts, so avoid jargon that the average home buyer would not know so that your bio comes off as relatable. To make it sound more professional, keep it in the third person. Make it easy to read so that potential clients make it to the end.

If you can add SEO (Search Engine Optimization) into your biography, it may help attract clients.  The primary interest should be information, not SEO content. Use your bio to establish who you are and how you can serve your target audience. Learn more by reading The Ultimate Real Estate SEO Guide.

Real Estate Agent Bio Example

To put all of the pieces together, use this brief example of an online bio as an outline to get started on writing your own. It can be easy to include a lot of information. Try to keep it anywhere between 150 – 300 words.

Jane Smith is a three-time recipient of the Houston Real Estate Agent of the Year Award. As a long-time resident of the Houston area, a graduate of Rice University, and a founding member of the Houston Women in Real Estate Association, she knows how to find the right neighborhood for a young family looking for their first home.

Jane is detail-oriented and she’ll be by your side throughout the entire process. Jane understands that selling or purchasing a home can be stressful. As an award-winning real estate agent, she will work hard and carefully to help lower your stress level and ultimately make your experience as enjoyable as possible.

When not assisting clients, Jane enjoys spending time with her husband Paul and their three golden retrievers, entertaining friends, and relaxing by the Bay.

It would be her honor and a pleasure to work with you.

Creating a well thought out bio and a website to attract online traffic is one of the most effective and affordable marketing strategies for real estate agents. Especially given the online dominance of real estate shopping, this avenue can prove to be particularly beneficial.

For people to choose you as their agent, they need to know about you. Selling your expertise online and on marketing materials can be difficult, but these tips can help you strategize to write the perfect real estate agent bio.

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Use the following tips to learn how to write the perfect real estate agent bio.