Applying spot UV to your business card or postcard is a popular added feature. We have created a spot UV tutorial to help you through the process to ensure the files are correct.

The Secrets in Making Your Business Cards Stand Out

One of the most important things that you should consider when it comes to your business is that you only get that one shot at a first impression. The problem is most business owners do not put enough effort into the design, so they tend to be forgotten as soon as handed out to potential clients.

The key to growing your business and keeping potential customers is learning and applying simple techniques to make your business card design stand out among your competitors. We offer a large selection to help you stand out!

Regardless how social media has transformed the way business owners market their company, custom business cards have been one of the most effective types of advertising for over a century. If you’re not continually handing out eye-catching premium cards to everyone you meet, you are missing out on a great opportunity to get more business.Silk Laminated Card with Prink Stamped Foil and Spot UV Printed by Primoprint. Having a premium business card is the ultimate staple to one’s professional appearance, and it’s considered one of the best networking tools. An essential element in making your business card stand out is to utilize the same design that you are currently using for your business branding.

When designing a business card, keep the colors, fonts, and design similar, as this will help to reinforce your brand and set you apart from the competition. Read how color can play an important role when designing a business card or additional printed pieces. We now offer custom print design services for your printing projects including postcards, oversized EDDM® postcards, brochures, presentation folders and more.

Most businesses focus on the design aspect of the card, and they don’t spend as much time on the texture of the paper stock, so most look and feel the same. Make your custom business card command attention by using thick paper stock or by including Spot UV or foil. For example, adding foil to the logo will make it jump off the card and remain in the minds of your clients for a longer period. Also, it will let them know you pay close attention to detail. At Primoprint, we offer a variety of business cards to choose from including silk business cards, foil business cards, matte business cards and linen business cards.

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