Save Money, Save Time and Get Noticed with EDDM®

You can now send premium quality postcards from your computer to customers’ mailboxes.

The USPS® provides a service that helps your business of any size (small, medium, large) to reach local prospects; it’s called Every Door Direct Mail® (also referred to as EDDM®). At Primoprint, we now offer Full Service EDDM®. Send premium quality postcards from your computer to customers as little as 26¢ per home including postage.

Full Service EDDM®:

  • Low-Cost Direct Mail Solution
  • Target Specific Zip Code(s) and Neighborhoods
  • Discount Flat-Rate Postage as low as 16¢ per piece
  • Great Solution for Saturation Mailing

There are no shipping charges, saving a business anywhere from $20 – $90 or more per order. Additionally, there is no tax, which can save $20 or more per order. The postage for Full Service EDDM® is only 16¢ compared to 17.6¢, a savings of upwards to $80 per order.  Find out more about this service!

Not familiar with Full Service EDDM®? Take a moment and watch our short tutorial video.

With Full Service EDDM®, you can easily select your mailing route(s) (1, 2 or 3 mile radius) with our mapping tool and grow your business to reach all addresses in the targeted ZIP code(s)!  The video below demonstrates how easy it is to select your route and send premium postcards from your computer to your customer’s mailbox for as little as 25 cents per home…including postage! Watch out mapping tool tutorial.

Full Service EDDM® includes:

  • On-site map tool and route selection.
  • USPS® processing and paperwork.
  • Postcard bundling.
  • Facing slip preparation and insertion.
  • Packaging and delivery to the Post Office.

Questions about EDDM®? Feel free to contact us, and we’ll be happy to help you.
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Steven Wendt

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