You can create a classic and beautiful business cards by including an elegant logo and accent colors to the design.

Why Simple a Business Card Design is Effective

Some businesses love to design a creative and unique business card design that is colorful and busy. This design strategy may be an effective approach for some industries. However, more businesses are choosing to use a more straightforward and simple design.

You can create a classic design by including an elegant logo and accent colors to the design.

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Keeping it clean and simple can be a right approach that can appeal to prospects and clients who wouldn’t be impressed by a busy design. The information on the card is clear and concise. You can always add printing options such as Spot UV and Stamped Foil to enhance the look of your custom business cards.  We offer a large selection of printing options and paper stock thickness (14PT, 16PT, 22PT, 32PT). If you need help with a custom design, please contact one of our graphic designers by completing our design form.

Below are some great examples of simple designs.

You can always add printing options such as Spot UV and stamped foil to enhance the look of your business card design.

Show off your design with a Simple Business Card

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