We've listed the top 10 subreddits for designers

Top 10 Reddit Subreddits for Designers

Are you a new or experienced designer who is looking for a space to share their work, discuss design philosophies, or looking for help identifying an unknown font? Reddit is a great online forum with endless subreddits dedicated to design.

Reddit ranks among the most popular mobile social apps in the United States with almost 33 million monthly active users. – Statista

Whether you choose to lurk on these pages or join the communities and actively contribute, there is a sub that is useful to your craft or at the very least entertaining.

Here are our 10 of the top subreddits geared toward graphic design!


859K Members

r/Design is a subreddit encompassing all things design. This sub is a great place to showcase your work, share a design you have experienced in the real world, or strike up meaningful conversations with others who share a passion for design.


350K Members

Reddit graphic design is one of the more popular subreddits. You can join r/Graphic_Design to post and engage in a wide variety of topics specific to graphic design. What feedback on a design? Are they looking for reviews or tips on digital design tools and programs? Career tips, education advice, and cutting edge graphic design can all be found here. It’s a one-stop-shop for graphic design.


47.4K Members

r/Design_critiques is a great subreddit for new designers looking for feedback on their work. It’s a place where experienced designers will provide feedback to assist new designers through review and critique.


14.5K Members

r/Learndesign is a Reddit collection of design resources for learning about all types of design. It’s a great place to post tutorials for fellow designers, or to search out the techniques you might want to learn or improve design skills.


52.5K Members

Need help identifying a font? r/Identifythisfont is a THE place for crowdsourcing an answer for your unknown font.


101k Members

r/Logodesign is a subreddit where all things logos and logo designs are discussed. You can post your work or logos you want to discuss. They also offer design battles where a challenge is presented, and members submit their designs for review by the group.


20K Members

Are you a designer looking to pick up some work? Do you need a designer for a project? This subreddit is all about connecting designers to jobs. Some baseline rules keep the sub to postings that are specific to graphic design work. They run a tight ship and don’t tolerate designers posting services at unreasonably low rates or job board links.


135K Members

This one is for the typography enthusiasts, a community discussing all things typography and type design. If you have questions about fonts, are seeking a tutorial, or need help with choosing a font, this is an excellent subreddit for guidance about typography.


25K Members

Sometimes we all need to wax poetic about our passions. Designers can come together at r/Designthought to discuss the craft and processes of design, dig into theory, or find that person who will appreciate their 110-page treatise on design philosophy.


9.6K Members

Think of this sub as the graphic designer’s digital watercooler. r/Talesfromdesigners is the place for designers to blow off steam and share some of their “best” stories. Headlines like “ I Love It, It’s Perfect, Now Change It” and “When Is A Proof Not A Proof?” you will swear you wrote some of these stories yourself. This subreddit is one all designers can relate to.

Additonal Popular Subreddits:

There are a lot of great subs involving graphic design, that we coulsn’t list them all! Are there any subreddit that we’ve missed? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Here are 10 of the best design-focused subreddits to inspire your next design creation.