Elevate Your Brand: Postcard Marketing

Whether you’re targeting a group of prospects with a mailing list or blanketing an entire neighborhood with your message, postcard marketing is an effective way to get the word out. The great thing about postcard marketing is that it’s inexpensive and easy to manage. Measurement is pretty simple as well, and sophisticated tools to determine ROI aren’t necessary. All you have to do is ask someone how they found out about your company.

What’s the Difference Between Coated and Uncoated Card Stock

Selecting the best print product is tough if you’re not familiar with paper stocks. One of our most common customer questions is: should I use coated or uncoated card stock for my print design? Should I select Glossy or Matte business cards? So many questions. Coated and uncoated stocks often look quite similar, but the difference is how the ink lies on the paper. Coated stocks include an extra layer created during manufacturing that makes the paper less porous.

Thick Business Card Options

Business cards and postcards continue to be great marketing tools for you and your business. These small but useful tools are great for establishing your brand. It’s important to stand…

How to Design an Effective Postcard

Postcards are a great way to grab attention and promote your business, product, or services. Creating a strong marketing piece is key to successfully attracting interest and new customers. It…

Door Hangers 101: Your Guide to Marketing Success

Printed door hangers continue to be a cost-effective marketing tool that is often ignored when marketing a business, product or service. But, their rock-bottom printing costs make them an attractive…

Tips For Giving Back to Your Customers

According to this 2012 study, only 9% of customers leave because of what a competitor is offering while 68% of businesses have lost a customer because they feel a company is indifferent to them. The easiest way to make a customer feel valued and part of a two-way relationship; continually thank them for their business and loyalty.