How to Market Your Restaurant

You have worked hard on your restaurant to create a mouth-watering menu and an inviting ambiance – now you need to get customers in the door. Or, maybe you have a well-established restaurant with a loyal customer base but are looking to bring in some new customers. To get new customers and retain your old ones, you are going to need a successful restaurant marketing plan.

Elevate Your Brand With Custom Presentation Folders

Handing a potential client your presentation folder leaves a lasting impression. You appear professional, successful, and prepared. A well-designed folder has the power to elevate your brand and gain a…

5 Easy Ways to Improve Customer Service

Whether your company is a brick and mortar or has an online business presence, finding ways to grow your business that will stand the test of time is an integral…

The Best Networking Tips for New Realtors

You may be a self-motivated realtor that is looking to grow their real estate company, but the truth is, your brokerage may not always be able to bring you the leads you need. You have to be willing to head out of the office in search of new potential clients. Although this can be intimidating at first, having the right tips will make things easier for you. The primary principle in real estate is assisting people. If you have just started, it will not be long before you discover that this is an industry that requires you to sleep, breathe, and eat real estate. Brand new agents may find this career to be a bit time-consuming, but this should not be a deterrence.

Meet the Designer: Kelly Alexander

Part of what makes Primoprint so great is the amazing designers who work tirelessly to turn our customer’s ideas into printed products. Without further ado, today’s featured designer is Kelly Alexander. Read on to learn more about who she is and what she loves about design.