Balancing Your Career and Motherhood

Balancing Your Career and Motherhood

Today we celebrate National Working Parents Day, a day to pay tribute to parents who work to provide for their family. Two of our employees provide insights on balancing work and being a mom.

Being a first-time parent and having a baby while working is a huge transition that no amount of planning can prepare you. But hopefully, the following words from Stephenie and Natalie will at least give you comfort.

New Career and New Mom

Executive Generalist

As a new mom with a new career, I’ve had the pleasure of slowly learning how to balance both. When I went back to work, I thought the transition would be somewhat easy. Pack up baby, get to the office, do your job, but then reality set in. I realized a lot more planning would need to take place. Thankfully, I work for a company that has allowed for this slow and steady transition and has welcomed me and my motherhood struggles along the way.

I’m now realistic enough to know that I’m never going to get it right 100% of the time and that a lot of the days will be a complete mess, but I certainly try my hardest and keep learning and adjusting each day. With many failed attempts and lots of growing pains, I have managed to come up with a few key ideas to help minimize stress and make you better in your career and motherhood. 

Plan Ahead

First and foremost plan ahead. This includes packing diaper bags, work bags, lunches, and picking outfits out ahead of time. This limits the amount of time spent in the morning running around or forgetting essential items.

Extra Supplies

Bring extra supplies to the office that can be left there (breast pump, formula, and diapers if bringing the baby, snacks, computer cords, etc.)

Work Schedule

Start back part-time and work your way up to full once you have a routine and schedule that works for everyone. 

Create a weekly or monthly calendar of your schedule/work tasks to coordinate against your child’s and do the following:

  • Prioritize your important tasks based on the days/day you have childcare or help
  • Schedule meetings around nap time
  • Work in the evening when your child is asleep
  • Designate specific days to work and others for your child

Look for positions that have flex-time or ask if your current one allows it.

Leveling Up in Multitasking 

Accounts Manager

Being a working mom is a daily challenge. I like to consider myself a multitasker extraordinaire, but this has brought that definition to another level!  I’m so grateful to have a job that has helped me so much with the transition. There is such a feeling of family at Primo and tons of support, felt all around.  

Before I had my daughter, I only had to do the extreme multitasking at work; now it has spilled over to home as well. I love the challenge and the fulfillment that it brings. So grateful for the experience and all it has taught me. There’s always work to be done and rarely a down moment, but I enjoy some solace in my drive from daycare to work and work to daycare…all 5 mins of it lol. It feels good to know that you have a purpose and needed in all areas. I have always found joy in helping others, and my job and mothering have given me that feeling.  

As you can see, family and children are important at Primoprint. We understand that it’s a hard balance sometimes. But with support, care, and some extra coffee, we parents can achieve the best of both worlds.

Stephanie and Natalie provide tips working at Primoprint while being first-time Moms.