Stand To Blade Company – Turning Passion into a Business

At Primoprint, we’re passionate about our veterans. After life in the military, many veterans go on to build their own businesses. We believe it’s important to support them. In honor of Veteran’s Day this week, we partnered with Derick Bosley from Stand To Blade Company. Our in-house design team worked with Derick to rebrand his custom knife business, which included a brand new logo, an insignia to represent his battalion, and print materials a small business needs to get started. We interviewed Derick to get his take on his business and what it was like working with Primoprint.

13 Famous Logos That Make You Think

Encountering graphic design is something that happens every day in almost every environment of our life. We scroll through social media posts where targeted ads fight for our attention, or we see a bus plastered in images as we sit in traffic or getting on the subway. Someone hands us their business card inviting a moment of intimacy between us and that design, an internal study we may not always be aware of.

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Fierce Female Designers: Creating Social and Cultural Change via Design

Graphic Design can take on many forms and meanings. It can range from simple logo designs for a small company or encompass iconic branding with companies such as Nike or GOOGLE. While both simple and iconic designs make their marks, we often don’t think about the people behind those designs or the social and cultural impacts they can make. Often design work goes beyond the obvious of what we see and remember and dives deeper to inspire social or cultural change. The female designers I have chosen to highlight have pushed boundaries in their design work as well as in their design-based social initiatives. The women designers mentioned below are bridging gaps of inequality in their unique way.