Beginners guide to content writing.

Beginners Guide To Writing Content

Writing content can seem kind of scary. But the truth is that writing content for blogs, print, or any form of advertising isn’t as difficult as you may think. The reality is that you simply need to know your product or service, the audience you’re serving, and the right words to connect them to your business. This beginner’s guide will show you how to get started on your writer’s journey.

Difference Between Blogs and Print Advertising 

The first thing you should know is the difference between blogs and print advertising. They both use words, but the aim is very different. Keep this in mind to ensure that you’re using the right words and phrasing to keep your customers glued to your business.

Blogging is usually a much longer format and the aim is to educate readers. Here you can talk about your products and services in-depth. You can also educate them about what makes you different from your competitors.

Print is more about luring customers in and starting them on the journey to buying from you. This tends to be much shorter and is focused on getting attention quickly. With print advertising, you need to be direct, to the point, and keep in mind white space to not overwhelm the reader.

Great Headlines

You need a compelling headline to get the reader’s attention. Think about it. Would you rather read an article labeled “Get Customers” or “Five Quick Tips to Triple Your Customers”? A headline pulls people in and makes them want to read. Not only that, but it ensures that you get the right eyes on your article.

Focus on making headlines that are strong, quickly tell readers what they will gain, and then be sure that your content delivers.

Focus on the Audience

Write for your readers. There is a delicate balance between making your post or flyer for everyone and only focusing on your core audience. It’s best to strike a balance between the two. For example, if you own a car repair business, then you want to focus both on those who need services now and those who own cars and will need service in the future.

This usually means adding information that your core audience knows about while still keeping everything accessible enough to a wider audience. You can use acronyms, but be sure to explain to them so everyone knows what you mean. You can also talk about common concerns for your core audience and the wider public. Strike this balance to get the most readers possible.

Check the Competition

Still not sure how to write your marketing? Check out the competition and see what they are saying. While you shouldn’t copy them, it’s a good idea to take notes about what works well with their marketing. For example, did their headline grab you? What makes you want to continue reading? What type of topics are they covering? This can help you see what types of topics your readers are looking for.

Doing your own writing is fairly easy, especially when you know what readers are looking for. Just keep in mind these few tips, remember your end goal, and your article, flyer, postcard, or page should do just fine.