8 Tips to Engage and Connect with Customers via Social Media

Whether you’re just starting out, or have been active on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter for years, but haven’t been seeing results, these tips will take your social media marketing game to the next level.

How to Develop Your Marketing Strategy

If you want to create a marketing plan for the future that positions your business to be even better than this year, reflect on what has happened so far in the pasr. You’ll be surprised to discover many missed opportunities.

Ask yourself some simple questions to reflect on this year:

Preparing to Transition from College to the Workforce

The transition between college and the workplace can be difficult for even the most well-prepared student. The working world is very different from most college environments, and students must be prepared to take the right steps so the transition will be as painless and successful as possible.

What are the Most Popular Business Card Sizes?

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” and that is true when it comes to your custom business cards. Experts say that it takes anywhere between five to 15 seconds for someone to form a first impression about a person. So, it’s essential to make it count.

10 Ways to Market Your Business with Postcards

Promoting your business with postcards is one of the most economical ways to build brand awareness, increase traffic to your physical or digital storefront, and boost sales. Postcards are very…