Applying spot UV to your business card or postcard is a popular added feature. We have created a spot UV tutorial to help you through the process to ensure the files are correct.

Include Spot UV on Your Printed Products

Applying Spot UV (also referred to as Spot Gloss or Spot Varnish) to your business card, postcards, presentation folders and other business products. It’s a favorite added feature. We have created a Spot UV tutorial to help you through the process to ensure the files are correct. Once we print the product, we apply a clear glossy UV Coating to select areas of the card such as logos, photos or even as a blind pattern to create highlights, contrast, and dimension.

What is Spot Gloss?

Learn more about this clear varnish that can enhance the look of your print product by reading: How to Create a Spot UV Mask File. We’ve also created a video tutorial. Take a look at our Spot UV video tutorial as it explains how to create mask files for business cards and postcards.

When deciding what stock option to use, you should think about your other print marketing materials.

If you’re interested in applying Spot UV, offered on a variety of our business cards and postcard printing options. If you would like to learn more information or find out if Spot UV is ideal for your print design, please contact us.

If you need help designing your next print project, our graphic designers can help.


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