All You Need to Know About Printing Business Cards, Postcards, and More

Starting a new business can be challenging. However, the overall idea and startup process is truly a cause for celebration. For a successful marketing campaign, new business owners do not need to be overwhelmed with the various forms of print marketing. At Primoprint, we can help!

Although the rise of mobile devices has created an increase in internet usage for new business owners, printed materials such as custom business cards, brochures, business envelopes and more can help business owners introduce their products and services to the public in amazing ways.

With Primoprint, an online print company, new business owners can rest easy in knowing they are doing all they can for proper marketing.

Below we’ve included some of the best printing items for you and your business.

Printing Business Cards Online

Along with the new addition of hot pink, we also offer red, silver, blue, black, copper, green and gold stamped foil. Take a look at our photo gallery displaying a variety of stamped foil printed products.

Today, people have a tendency to overlook the value of having a premium business card that reflects your company brand. This small piece of paper is often the first item prospects receive, so make the first opportunity strong and leave a positive impression with using business cards. There are many unique, colorful, contemporary, and innovative business card designs used today.

They are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs so there is an appealing option for every type of business. Custom printed business cards are incredibly convenient for new owners to efficiently, effectively reach out to potential clients and customers, and they will never go out of style. Learn what needs to be on your card by reading the 10 Crucial Parts to a Business Card.

Flyers and Brochures

Postcard marketing takes advantage of its simplicity and easy to read message.

For events, there is nothing more simple than handing out a flyer with a new business’ information on it. They can be created efficiently and effortlessly to introduce a product, service, or promotion. Plus, using a brochure printing service allows the flyers to be designed professionally, allowing them to stand out by incorporating the companies colors, logo, and brand message.

Every Door Direct Mail® Campaigns

Printing Every Door Direct Mailing® (EDDM®) campaigns are an effective way to reach larger groups of people in neighborhoods and communities. Primoprint can help new business owners create EDDM® Postcards. These postcards are oversized, allowing them to be easily noticed by the customer.

Pick your mailing route and promote your business: include coupons, menus, event calendars, store maps, and more. Learn more about Every Door Direct Mail® by reading How Every Door Direct Mail® Can Help Your Business.

Along with Print only EDDM®, we are now working with USPS® to offer Full-Service EDDM®. Watch our Every Door Direct Mail® tutorial video which describes the service and how to get started.

Download our Free EDDM® Success Guide

Posters and Signs

Get noticed by your target audience with the help of short run posters.Marketing and advertising are impossible without appealing posters and signs. Although new business owners will need county or state approval for hanging posters and signs in public places, they are excellent in getting a name out in the public eye. Posters and signs can be designed in a variety of manners that are meant to attract and get people’s attention. At Primoprint, short-run posters are available in a variety of sizes and paper stock.

NCR Forms

We understand that working with carbon paper tends to be messy at times. To make things a little less “messy,” we offer two types of NCR forms: 2 part and 3 part NCR forms.CR forms are a convenient way of keeping business files and documents organized for any business, small or large, without the mess. Carbonless Forms easily transfer the impression while writing on the top sheet onto the following pages.

Although there are many new business owners realizing the importance of social media and internet marketing, the use of print materials is and always will be the most efficient and effective manner of advertising. Primoprint can help new businesses create appealing and effective print materials that will be stylish and appealing. For general questions or information, contact us today.