Design Tips You Need to Know When Creating Roll Labels

Looking for that perfect roll label? Well, we've got you covered...learn how to design an effective roll label.

Roll label design can be a difficult project to take on your own. It is best suited for Primoprint, a professional online printing company specializing in printing roll labels. However, if you would like to pursue creating your own, there are a few things you can do to make the process easier and more enjoyable.

What to Include on Roll Label Design

Use High Resolution Images

Only use high resolution images for your label design project. This will ensure that your image looks professional and crisp. JPEG is the preferred file of choice, as PNG and GIF images are not able to be printed in high resolution. Try to keep all images above 300 dpi.

Feature Your Logo

Your logo should be the center of attention in your custom label. Feature it in the center or near the top of the design, and make sure that it is large enough to stand out from other included illustrations.


It is vital for you to measure your product’s container before sizing the roll label. This will ensure that you print the proper size for its dimensions. Measuring properly will save you time in the future and prevent the need for size-related adjustments. All of our roll labels have a 3″ core and an outer diameter of up to 6.”

Line Your Artwork Up

Many people fail to use the ruler tool within illustration software. This tool is used to line up artwork, text, and other components of a custom label. It will ensure that your design looks professional.

Create Your Label in CMYK Colors

CMYK colors, or cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, is the standard color scheme for label printing. Do not make the mistake of using RGB (red, green, blue) colors. This scheme is mainly used for the Web, and will not display your design true to color once printed.

The difference between RGB and CMYK colors

Research Label Regulations and Laws

Certain products, such as food products, require specific labeling regulations. Failing to follow these requirements can cause legal complications later on. Research labeling regulations prior to embarking on the design process to save yourself time.

Use Vector Graphics

Vector graphics are used by professional digital illustrators instead of raster graphics. This is because it does not produce a pixelated look or lose image quality when the design is enlarged.

These easy to follow tips can help you create your own custom roll label with few complications. Now that you have a more thorough understanding of label design, you can get creative and have Primoprint print your high-quality roll label. We offer custom graphic design services if you need assistance in designing an effective roll label.

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