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How Commercials Increase Sales & Brand Awareness

Advertisers have an opportunity to increase sales by speaking to their consumers in more ways than ever. At every turn, there is an opportunity for a brand to reach you. Whether you are on social media, watching TV, or walking around town, a company has the potential to sell you its product. Marketers have identified that there are actually 14 different forms of advertising! Commercials use to only be found on TV, but now companies are using long and short format commercials to capture your attention in every digital outlet possible.

Now, more than ever, it’s important that companies use multi-consumer touchpoints to reach their audience. Commercials no longer are to be thought of as something you see on TV, but instead these 15-60 second ads can stream on all social media sites, YouTube, Google Ads, TikTok, and beyond. 

Some companies will invest high marketing dollars to create commercials, others will simply use the camera on their iPhone, and others will simplify even more with only words passing through the screen. There is no wrong or right way of creating commercials anymore. Anything goes as long as the message is relatable to your audience. 

Commercials, large and small, can help companies launch new products, bring brand awareness, increase sales, and boost traffic to their website. They also have the ability to share company values, connect with their audience, educate their customers, and show off all the ways they are unique. The personality of a brand can be explored and brought to light all within this small window.

“BIA Advisory Services forecasts that total 2022 ad spending across 16 media platforms serving local audiences will reach $173 billion. Over half (51%) will be spent on digital media, primarily Google and Facebook. Mobile ads on smartphones will get the most ad spending, $36.7 billion. OTT* will reach $2 billion in ad spending targeting local viewers making it one of the fastest-growing local ad platforms. Political ads are back with local TV expected to see about $4 billion in political spending.”

-Rick Ducey, Managing Director, BIA Advisory Services. (Source: forbes.com)

(*OTT stands for Over-The-Top also known as streaming TV ads. – Source Amazon Ads)

Fun Commercial Facts

-The first TV commercial ever was broadcast in 1941 for Bulova Watches. Watch the commercial HERE.

-The most expensive commercial ever created was for Chanel at $33 million. $3 million of that was paid to actress Nicole Kidman. View the 180-second commercial HERE.

-90% of web searchers have not made up their mind about a brand before starting their search. That means you have a perfect opportunity to wow them with your commercial content. 

-YouTube is the 2nd most visited site online. 60% of the people who watch YouTube do so on a mobile device. 

-The average adult in the United States will spend almost five and a half hours per day watching videos.

Ready to start creating your own video commercials? Need some creative inspiration? Below are 8 ads floating around the web that deserve your attention. Each is unique and adds a twist to how we should view their product. Happy watching!

Liftmaster: Smart Garage Perks

Zaxby’s: Guy on a Buffalo Wing

Coca-Cola: Father-Son Story

Toyota: Nora’s Joy

Oreo: Doomsday

Rocket Mortgage: Barbie Dream House

Apple: 911

Toys R Us: Grow Up Playing


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