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The Benefits of Printing Custom Bookmarks

For those of you looking always looking to improve marketing and promotion strategies, take a moment to consider the possibility of including bookmarks. They are handy tools for any reader, yet their use extends well beyond simply marking a page in a book. Plus, they are offered in a variety of sizes and finishes.

Custom bookmarks can also be used as an incredibly effective marketing tool for those looking to sell their publications or other products. Below, we focus on a few reasons why they are a very reliable and effective strategy for promotion and marketing purposes.

Why Print Bookmarks?

Compact and Convenient

Thanks to their compact and convenient size, there is no hassle in distributing them to a wide audience. Furthermore, you can always have enough of them for you to be able to hand them out spontaneously whenever opportunities arise such as networking and special events. The size of bookmarks will also make them more appealing to those interested customers.

Instead of having to lug around a larger marketing tool such as a portfolio or magazine, bookmarks take up almost no space and fits comfortably in a pocket. They are similar to a business card as they can be easily handed out to people in passing, making for a very fast and effective means of promotion.


Everyone knows how cheap they can be, but some may be surprised to know that creating custom bookmarks are also very affordable. Print marketing continues to be a critical component of any successful business, yet one that can end up being cost-effective. The ideal balance is to have effective marketing that generates interest in your product or service without draining too much money. The great thing about personalized bookmarks is how affordable they are. This allows you to spend less time worrying about marketing costs and start putting more money towards creating and improving your product or service.

Familiar Use

There’s nothing worse than relying on marketing your product on an object that people don’t use. For any sort of marketing to be effective, there must be consistent and reliable exposure to an interested audience. This is why such platforms as billboards, television ads, space on public transportation, etc. are the most expensive because they guarantee the heaviest exposure.

Bookmarks provide a great resource to accomplish this requirement. People use bookmarks on a daily basis. This ensures that those who have received it will continuously be reminded of the product or event you’re endorsing. Additionally, when receiving your bookmark, potential customers will be more inclined to accept as the gesture seems more like a gift than a marketing tool.

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Customizable and Unique

In order for a product to stand out amongst its competition, there must be a unique element to help separate it from the crowd. Not only are they a relatively untapped marketing strategy, they are also easily customizable to fit the needs of any desired design and look. This gives promoters the freedom to display their product to their audience how they have envisioned. The sheer uniqueness of a bookmark promotion will also generate additional interest to further separate this marketing technique and help your product stand out amongst the noise. 

Looking for a custom design? Contact one of our in-house graphic designers. They will walk you through the entire design and order process. We offer a large selection of sizes and printing options that will benefit you and your business.

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