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How to Market and Gain New Customers with Custom Flyers

Affordability, versatility and design possibilities are common reasons why businesses need flyers. Whether you want color of black and white designs, you want to create ads that stand out among the rest. Using custom printed flyers  is the best way to grab people’s attention, even for a few seconds.

Read below to learn more about the benefits of business flyers, and we have included helpful tips on how to design an effective flyer.

The Importance of Flyers

Long before the Internet, businesses used flyers to promote important causes and events. Flyers are important because they are cost-effective and simple to create. Not all businesses can afford a large advertising budget and create multiple marketing campaigns.

Flyers are easy to produce, hand out, hang up in stores, parks, and on bulletin boards at your local coffee shop. By designing flyers with bold and eye catching colors, there will be no problem finding viewers. For information about colors, visit our previous blog – Colors Speaks Louder Than Words.

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Features of Good Flyers

To enhance your flyer, include a bold title and headline that stands out more than the additional content. The headline is important and consists of the first words that introduce the overall message. After the header, write the body of the message, using clear, concise sentences, short paragraphs and to the point. Customers can get distracted easily if the flyer offers too many details. Include a “call to action” in the flyer that explains to the customer what action he or she needs to take.

The design part is usually the easiest part of the process. Whether you’ve already got a design, have a general idea, or need some help with a custom design, we can help!  There are no limits to creativity when it comes to marketing. First, know your audience and know what they would want to see as consumers.

Incorporating flyers into your marketing campaign is easy and cost-effective. You can use flyers for various reasons to promote store openings, business seminars, speaking events and more. Contact us today if you have general printing questions about printed flyers. We offer a variety of printing options for flyers; request a free sample packet to view some of our printed flyers.

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