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7 Marketing Essentials Every Real Estate Agent Needs

It’s important to have an effective marketing strategy including business cards, EDDM® postcards, realtor signs and more.

Working in real estate is a competitive driven environment. When you’re striving to become the leading force in the industry, it’s important to have an effective marketing strategy. Utilizing both realtor print products and other promotional items, you can draw the attention of buyers and capture customer leads, ultimately making sales. Realtor Print Items For […]

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The Ultimate Small Business EDDM® Marketing Checklist

EDDM Checklist

Despite the popularity of today’s Internet-driven marketing tools such as social media, search engine marketing, and commercial email, EDDM® marketing remains to be an affordable and cost-effective technique available to businesses. According to the 2015 USPS® Household Study, 81% of the recipients read or scan their mail daily. Because your postcard goes into the homes […]

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Bookmarks: Think Outside the Book

Marketing with Bookmarks

With school days just around the corner, students are gearing up with their back-to-school supplies. With any academic setting comes the use of textbooks and novels, and thus the need for bookmarks. Bookmarks are perhaps one of the most underused tools in the marketing tool belt. Their compact and portable size make them the perfect […]

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