Find out how to advertise your business with car magnets.

Car Magnets 101: How to Get Started and Advertise

Want to give your business a magnetic personality? Then you need a car magnet, a thin metallic sign that sticks to your vehicle and displays ads for your business.

Think of a car advertising magnets as a traveling business card. It can present information such as your phone number and website, topped off with a catchy message and compelling graphics. Larger than a bumper sticker, a car magnet can potentially reach thousands of prospects, especially in high traffic areas. Whether you’re driving around town, from state to state or simply parked at a mall, your message will be seen.

Our Car magnets are printed on durable Glossy 30mil and are very durable as they provide a strong magnetic backing. They have UV protection and are extremely weather-resistant. They’re roughly as thin as a sheet of construction paper and can be peeled on and off of your vehicle quickly.

Before you put your sign in place, there are some steps you should perform.

How to Prepare Your Car / Truck:

  • Make sure your vehicle is clean and dry.
  • Wax the area where you’re going to place the sign.
  • Clean the magnetic material with water and a mild detergent.

Keep in Mind:

  • The sign won’t stick to wood-grain siding, aluminum or plastic, only steel or iron.
  • It won’t stick to fiberglass (condolences to all of you Corvette owners).
  • It shouldn’t have air pockets or bubbles when applying.
  • A sign with rounded corners will resist blowing away while you’re driving. (However, it may succumb to extremely high winds and other vehicles passing.)

A car magnet, especially when placed on a truck’s tailgate and car door, can be extremely effective. The better it can be seen from a distance, the longer a person behind you can view it.

For example, if your lettering is nine inches tall, it will be visible from 300 feet away, or the length of a football field. Think about how long it takes to run a touchdown from one end of the field to the other. That’s how long someone behind you will be absorbing your message.

To get maximum exposure, make sure that you drive the vehicle on the highway during the morning, lunchtime or evening during rush hour. Mosey along in the slow lane, a bit below the speed limit. Don’t forget to cruise crowded residential areas.

Car Magnet Popular Sizes

The most popular car magnet size is 12″ x 18″ for your standard compact cars. The recommended size for a passenger car 12″ x 24.” Pickup trucks and SUVs can use the larger 18″ x 24″ size.

Benefits of Car Magnets

  • Create an Immediate Response
  • Affordable
  • Get Your Name in Front of Customers
  • Brand Awareness
  • Easily Advertise and Promote Business
  • Strong and Weather Durable (Can Lasts for Several Years)
  • Easy to Apply and Remove

Magnet Design Tips

If you want your custom car magnet to grab attention, it’s best to include a picture or logo. Realtors are a great example. They design their car signs with a headshot, business logo, and phone number. Make sure that you keep your phone number and website more significant than the other information.

But, don’t attempt to cram too much information on it as it can take away from your goal. You’ll need to display the most relevant information on such a small space as the shapes and sizes range from 9″ x 12″ to 24″ x 36″.

Your fonts and colors should align with your other branding materials for consistency. Avoid fonts that are fancy and hard to read. Choose simple fonts such as Helvetica and Arial that are legible and easy to read from a distance. You’ll need to take in consideration of a moving vehicle too.

An area that is often overlooked when designing a business card magnet and other print materials is the colors. They are important too. Did you know that colors have a psychological effect?

You can use this to your advantage to get viewers to feel what you want them to feel.

Below are common colors and the emotions associated with them.

Design Color and Psychology:

  • Red – Urgency, excitement
  • Blue – Peace, trust
  • Green – Tranquility, health
  • Purple – Royalty, wisdom
  • Yellow – Cheerfulness, optimism
  • Orange – Joy, confidence
  • Brown – Structure, protection
  • Black – Sophistication, seriousness
  • White – Purity, peace

Vehicle magnets are inexpensive and are great for small and medium-sized businesses. A small 9″ x 12″ car magnet with rounded corners will cost $7.00, while a larger 12″ x 36″ car magnet will cost $51.00.

Laws About Advertising

Before using a car magnet or decal, take a moment to check the laws on what you can and can’t do in the interest of advertising your business, products, or services.

When you have a magnetic sign on your car, some states view this as commercial usage. You’ll need to register your vehicle for commercial use, and your insurance must correspond with its registration. Research whether this applies to your state.

Concerend about maintaining them and storing them proporly when not in use? We’ve listed some helpful tips to make sure they look just like new!

Removing and Cleaning Your Magnet

  • Be careful when you want to remove the magnet. Try not to crease or bend the corners of your sign.
  • It’s best to remove the car magnet and reapply periodically. This way you know they’re securely fastened.
  • Avoid having them exposed to direct sunlight, such as the hood.
  • Use a wet cloth or paper towel to clean the surface. Windex is a great option to help clean stains or smudges.
  • Once you’ve have cleaned the magnet, make sure it’s completely dry.

As an advertising tool, car magnets are affordability, ease of use, and useful. With the turn of a key and a step on the gas, you can be on your way to more hits on your website, increased revenue, and many more conversions.

Need help with creating a car magnet design? We can help. All you’ll need to do it complete our online design form and one of our in-house graphic designers will be in touch.   

Do you use car magnets? Let us know if you have any tips by leaving a comment below. 

Before you put your car magnet in place, there are some steps you should perform.