Tips for Creating Your Direct Mail List

How to Reach New Customers With Direct Mail

Direct Mail campaigns have proven themselves time and time again to be highly effective. While digital ads can be a successful marketing tool, print mailers are still a driving factor in brand awareness and growth. Companies are receiving high response rates from direct mail. 

Did you know:

At a time when brands are sending out more emails, consumers are spending less time reading them? In fact, data shows that the average person only spends 10 seconds reading an email before deleting it. 

With Direct Mail, consumers will take more time to examine both the front and back of your postcard. They even are more likely to hold on to your direct mail piece for reference later.

“Marketers should keep in mind the benefits of direct mail, with a 12% increase in good or very good response rates to multichannel campaigns.”

Source: Marketing Charts

The key to any successful Direct Mail campaign is making sure you have a mailing list that will work best for you. It’s important that you think about your audience and who will benefit the most from your services. There are many online companies that offer list generation, Primoprint being one of them. 

When creating your list, there are a large variety of combinations that you can choose from. So make sure you look through each category carefully and only pick options that apply to your target demographic.

Things to think about:

Do you want to target other businesses or just personal residences? 

Is there a certain age group or interest group that you’d like to target?

What about new homeowners or length of residency?

Will political affiliation, hobbies, and interests affect your client list?

If you are targeting businesses, what keywords can you search for that would benefit from your services?

Ordering Direct Mail and purchasing a mail list through Primoprint is a very quick and easy process. And the best part… once you purchase the list, it is yours to keep. You can reuse this list as often as you’d like. 

Here is an example of how it works: 

Dr. Stacy Holms owns a traveling veterinarian business that specializes specifically in farm animals. Stacy could easily send out a mailer using EDDM, but most of the addresses within her small radius do not operate farms. Stacy needs a specific list of addresses that could benefit from her services. This will help her get the most out of her mailing. 

Still have questions?

Don’t hesitate to reach out. A Primoprint customer service rep is ready to answer all of your questions and help you get started. And if you need your mailer designer, our design team is here to help. 

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