Every door direct mail postcards provides an outstanding marketing concept for small and large businesses. Whether a company wants to focus on clients in residential areas or business settings, an EDDM campaign has the potential to cultivate a variety of targeted leads.

EDDM® Postcard Marketing Tips

Every Door Direct Mail® postcards provide an outstanding marketing concept for small and large businesses. Whether a company wants to focus on clients in residential areas or business settings, an EDDM® campaign has the potential to cultivate a variety of targeted leads.

Below we posted several marketing ideas that may help improve your success rate with these oversized postcards.

Formulate a Marketing Strategy

A variety of factors should be incorporated into a marketing plan. Establish a set of goals for a successful postcard marketing program. Decide on the date that the campaign will be launched. Consider the demographics for the targeted mailing areas. Estimate the number of pieces that will be mailed in the Every Door Direct Mail® campaign. Determine how many leads are reasonable to expect from the projected pieces of mail.

With a unique marketing strategy, a business owner should be able to assemble and to measure the results of an EDDM® postcard campaign. Measuring the findings could enable a business owner to tweak specific variables for enhancements toward the next campaign which could lead to more revenue and foot traffic.

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Create a Promotional Offer

Brainstorm with your team to develop a promotional offer, discounted services or a savings coupon. The offer should reflect a valid time frame for a customer to obtain the promotional item or to utilize the savings coupon. The promotional offer should be displayed easily to entice prospective buyers to respond quickly. With an active call to action, a business might notice a greater response rate from consumers and B2B customers as well.

Reach potential customers with a strong postcard marketing strategy.  Order High-Quality Postcards

Creating a well-designed postcard is crucial. Select vibrant colors or themes that consist of the company’s branding to make a memorable impact. Incorporate a call to action on the postcard. A stunning design and a promotional offer might influence prospective customers to inquire about specific incentives, products or services. High-quality EDDM® postcards are generally available in a variety of styles including Glossy UV, Matte, Spot UV, 100LB Gloss Cover and  Matte with Spot UV.

If you need help with custom graphic design, contact one of our graphic designers, and they will be happy to help create an eye-catching Every Door Direct Mail postcard! When working on your design project, they will communicate with you throughout the entire process. 

Postcard Marketing 

Every Door Direct Mail® postcards are excellent materials for displaying promotional messages. Prospective buyers can view information relatively quickly. Unlike an envelope, postcards do not require opening. Information is prominently displayed to get the word out about a special offer. Watch our Full-Service Video Tutorial

Select a Mailing Strategy

EDDM® allows your business to get in front of the people who matter most. There is no need for purchasing leads or mailing lists. Through the United States Postal Service®, business owners can use a web-based tool to research delivery areas for your campaign. Target a specific mailing route or select a zip code. This option allows businesses to have the campaign be mailed to both residential addresses and commercial establishments. However, the campaign can be crafted purely for business addresses or residential addresses only.

Watch our EDDM® Route Selection Tool tutorial and learn how to utilize every aspect of our selection tool.

Creating an effective postcard campaign could provide a favorable number of sales from new customers. With professionally printed postcards, business owners can attract a lot of attention with a solid campaign.

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