Make an Impact with The Current 2017 Trends of the Business Card

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As technology continues to advance and affect how business is handled, changes have to be made to keep your company relevant. Having updated custom business cards is an easy change to make that will help develop brand recognition and make a great first impression.

Here are three business card trends to help keep you ahead of the competition.

What’s are the 2017 Business Card Trends?

  • Simple Design
  • Include Business Brand Elements
  • Large Typography
  • Include Symbols
  • Interactive Business Cards
  • Large Photos
  • Rounded Corners
  • Slim Cut
  • Foil Stamped

Look at an old business card it displays a name, title, fax number, toll free number, and physical address. That info is still relevant, but in the eyes of the customers, it’s outdated and not memorable. Make sure your new company business card has updated information such as website and email addresses. Make sure you look to see what personal information it contains too.

Social media continues to grow and is important in today’s business world. Keeping up to date with your customers is important, and social media allows businesses to directly communicate with them any time. If you have social media accounts, try to incorporate that information into your new business card. The trend in today’s business cards is to create an impression that extends beyond the company to the individual.

It allows customers to contact you using current methods of communication; otherwise you are limiting your networking capabilities.

What Does Your Business Card Look Like?

A sharp logo used to be the best way to set a company apart and define its brand. With today’s advances in technology and business card printing capabilities, a business card has more than just logos. Typography, imagery, colors and orientation are all necessary tools to make your business card stand out from other cards. Learn more about the look of a business card by reading 10 Crucial Parts to a Business Card Design. Hint: What your card should include. At Primo Print, we offer a variety of business cards to choose from including silk business cards, foil business cards, matte business cards and linen business cards.Vertical cards are eye-catching and popular. Also, people don’t have or use a Rolodex anymore, so smaller cards that can fit in a wallet are important. Business cards with above average thickness, such as 16PT business cards look professional and handle the newer engraving and embossing trends well. At Primoprint, we offer custom graphic design services to help enhance your business card.

Unique Printed Business Cards

Business Card with Silver Stamped Foil

If you are pushing your creative limits and do not want a traditional business card, there are a selection of unique cards that allows you to make a connection and provide your contact information by the use of interactive cards. Items such as balloons, origami, hand-tearable cards, and puzzles, allow the user to interact with your information, providing more than just text.
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