What is BOPP and why is it great for roll labels.

What is BOPP and Why is it Great for Roll Labels

What is BOPP? Well, it’s not the latest single from Hanson, but it’s still pretty cool. BOPP stands for Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (aka plastic). It is one of the materials we offer for our roll labels. We offer it in solid white and clear with an option for white ink. 

Because it is made of plastic and not paper, BOPP is water and oil resistant. It is tear-resistant too, making it an excellent choice for uses that might get wet or messy. However, even though it is durable, we don’t recommend it for outdoor purposes.

Our BOPP roll labels come in a wide variety of sizes. They come standard with rounded corners and can also be in a circle or oval shape. Custom sizes and shapes are also available, which you can fill out the form for a quote.

This is a BOPP Roll Label for a Bakery

There are plenty of creative ways to use our BOPP Roll Labels! You could make custom water bottle labels for a company event or wedding, use it as a product label, place it on your packaging for that unique touch, or use for guerilla marketing.

We recommend requesting a free sample packet. Included, you’ll receive a sample of our BOPP roll label. That way, you can see and feel it for yourself, and you can test it out for your intended use. Plus, you can also request to include additional roll labels options in the comment section of the form.

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 Learn what BOPP stands for and how they are great as roll labels.


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