Instagram is a perfect platform for you to see the impactful work by your design peers. We’ve highlighted ten design accounts that have caught our eye in 2019, each showcasing a unique sense of style.

10 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Logo Inspiration

A logo is an identifying symbol used to advertise a specific brand. It is hard to think of a successful company that does not have a recognizable and memorable logo. If we look to major brands like Nike, Target, Twitter, and even Instagram, we know without being told what company each of those logos symbolize.

While not every client you design for will have a vast cultural impact as the well-known companies, your client will still want that feeling of exclusivity. They will want a logo they can be proud of that represents their brand and brand mission.

Designing a logo can, therefore, be a daunting and challenging process. Instagram is a perfect platform for you to see the impactful work by your design peers. We’ve highlighted ten design accounts that have caught our eye in 2019, each showcasing a unique sense of style.


Instagram Followers: 921K

Logo Inspirations is an excellent resource for viewing an excellent selection of logo designs from talented graphic design professionals. They showcase a curated page of logos just shy of 10,000 images and have impressive 921,000 followers. From a simple, sleek design to something funky or detailed, there is no shortage of inspiration on this page.

You can also follow logo inspirations outside of Instagram, where they provide assets such as tools/resources for designers as well as a blog which has around 150 posts to date.


Instagram Followers: 6,788

Artem Bukhantsov is a modern graphic designer based out of Eagle, Idaho. His logos include elements related to nature and wilderness and embody the feel of modern Pacific Northwest living. For a designer looking for inspiration for a more laid back earthy feel, his site is a gem.

Mr. Bukhantsov states on his webpage stating “minimalistic designs are way cooler.” In looking through his portfolio, when it comes to his design style, I couldn’t agree more.


Instagram Followers: 1,610

Do pastel colors, and a feminine touch speak to you as a logo designer? If so, you should check out Rose van der Ende.  Based out of the Netherlands, Rose specializes in simplistic feminine designs. Featuring soft colors and curved lines her designs lend themselves to a calmer feeling within her logos.

Her Instagram page is a mix of her design work and inspirational images. You can find a more extensive array of her work by visiting her Dribbble account or her logofolio.


Instagram Followers: 4,532

Tacikworks features the designs of Ivan Yaha, based out of Bali, Indonesia. Utilizing interesting fonts and an illustrative design style his page, you can find a mixed bag of inspiration in his work.  He showcases designs and badges with everything from vintage beach imagery, botanical inspirations, wild animals, and Brooklyn Hipster, all which include his unique font choices.

You can find Ivan’s work for sale on Creative Market where his badges and fonts are available to be licensed. With 4,532 followers and growing on Instagram, Ivan Yaha is a designer to watch.


Instagram Followers: 1,860

Poddesignshop showcases the work of Danielle Podeszek, who designs out of Buffalo New York. Focusing on graphic design related to sports her Instagram page offers bright color combinations, with a nostalgic old school vibe. As a former Seattleite, her logos always remind me of the vintage Seattle Supersonics logo.

Ms. Podeszek has an impressive client list which includes the Buffalo Bills and Buffalo Sabres. For a designer who needs inspiration related to sports logos, her page is a great resource to see an out of the box approach to sports team logo design.  You can view more of her work on Behance and Linktree.


Instagram Followers: 158K

Jeroen van Eerden showcases an impressive design portfolio on his Instagram page with just shy of 1000 posts. Based out of the Netherlands, he is a logo and brand designer with a remarkable web presence. His Instagram portfolio is filled with images of his thought process from initial concept to final logos, all which embody lovely color combinations.

In addition to his portfolio, you can find Mr. van Eerden moonlighting as a juror on @mylogowave and @logolounge. For even more design inspiration you can also visit @logofavs and @photofavs1 both of which he also curates.


Instagram Followers: 5,134

Sonia Castillo is an award-winning graphic designer based in Madrid, Spain. She is the founder and creative director of Sonia Castillo Studios. Her work is classy and sleek with a modern edge to it. Her work is an excellent inspirational resource for designers to see that less can make a significant impact on logo and branding designs.

You can view her complete branding project for KG Design over at Mindsparkle Mag. Ms. Castillo also gave a great interview to The Design Kids in February 2019, which is a recommended read for both new and seasoned designers.


Instagram Followers: 103K

Steve Wolf is the principal and art director at Steve Wolf Designs, based in Austin, TX. His use of color, font choices, and design aesthetic draw the viewer in and lend themselves to the viewer wanting to learn more about the brands.

I am particularly drawn to his design for @intiprovisions and, both which feature a beautiful golden yellow as the featured color. Outside of Instagram, you can find Steve’s work on Dribble and at Steve Wolf Designs.


Instagram Followers: 215K

For designers who like to work within the Black, White, Gray color spectrum the work of George Bokhua will be an excellent design inspiration resource. His Instagram page highlights sketches of initial concepts through to final logo designs. His work is simple but bold and is refreshing in its lack of color across a majority of the work showcased.

He offers several short tutorial videos on Skillshare, where you can gain insight and inspiration from his design process. Based out of Georgia, Europe Mr. Bokhua has done work for Disney, Wired Magazine, and the NFL.


Instagram Followers: 848

Jd.logothink gives us insight into the work of Juan David Ordonéz, who is based out of Medellín, Colombia. This page showcases a minimal amount of logos; however, with each one, he highlights the logo on its own followed by a curated progression of how that logo would be implemented across the board for branding.

The site is cleverly set up to draw you into each brand with his bright color schemes and is an excellent resource for designers who need inspiration on how to show their logos and branding concepts via social media.

When reviewing these ten inspirational Instagram account, you will see that the styles and approaches to designing logos are vast and unique. Each company or brand that employees a designer has their own needs and coupled with your talent and vision a unique and appropriate concept can emerge.

These ten designers show that you can be successful working in a variety of styles and we hope they will serve as a source of inspiration for your creative journey.

Looking for inspiration for your next design project? Take a look at these top designers on Instagram.

Graphic Design Inspiration:

Instagram is a perfect platform for you to see the impactful work by your design peers. We’ve highlighted ten design accounts that have caught our eye in 2019, each showcasing a unique sense of style.