We've listed the top graphic designers to follow on Instagram.

Design Inspiration – 18 Accounts to Follow on Instagram

The inspiration for your next design project can be found anywhere. Something could catch your eye on your commute to work. You could overhear a conversation that sparks an entirely new way of thinking. You might reference back to the days of design school and pull inspiration from some of the masters.

In the digital age, you have a world of inspiration at your fingertips. We’ve pulled a variety of visually interesting Instagram accounts to help spark some new found creative inspiration for your next project.

From these impressive accounts, you can link to the accounts they follow and continue to explore the endless opportunities to be inspired.


Yokaona features work by an architect that fell in love with graphic design and fine arts/illustration. Much of the work has a vintage botanical or apothecary feel. Only 127 posts are featured, but each is visually appealing and would be a great source of inspiration for a greeting card or logo designers.


Craig Redman and Karl Maier are a duo who work away from each other transatlantically, with Craig based in New York and Karl in London. They have designed for Life Water, Nespresso, Sephora, and Air France to name a few notable clients. Their use of bright colors and bold lines are a staple in their design work.


Mario Eskenazi is an Argentinian born, and Barcelona based Graphic Artist and Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI) member. He has been working in design since the early 1970s and is a leading Spanish designer. His Instagram page is filled with editorial print work which showcases his work with corporate identity branding.


Bright Colors and Imagery that evoke joy and happiness are plentiful on the bigntoasty page. Each photograph on this page is sure to put a smile on your face and hopefully inspire some fun and creativity in your design work.


Shaivalini Kumar is a designer based out of Copenhagen, Denmark. Her page features her work in Graphic Design, Branding, Typography, as well as Illustration. The colors are bright and bold and invoke a sense of happiness and fun for the viewer.


Alexis Jesup is an Industrial designer based in Brooklyn, NY. She is the founder of Colors Collective. She has collaborated with Fossil, Haribo, Godiva, and Halo Top as well as many other well-known brands. Colors Collective is a visual feast featuring unique flat lays and pastel-heavy design work.


Xavier Esclusa is a Graphic Designer and Art Director based out of Barcelona, Spain. He is also the owner of Twopots Design Studio. This page features bright, bold colors, photography, and showcases a wide array of work with poster designs.


If you love incorporating patterns into your design work, this is the page for you. Photographs of amazingly designed floors fill this page from the very simple to the very wild. It’s a fun, quirky, and well-curated page.

“Our inspiration comes from all around the world. We re-gram floors and shoes from our fans on a daily base. We search for the nicest patterns and prettiest light. Every day one photo makes a chance to be featured on our account.”


IDEO is a global Design & Innovation Company that focuses on 27 different design capabilities that include Branding, Education, Non-Profits, and Media. Their goal is to create a positive impact. This Instagram touches on all aspects of their design capabilities and peaks interest with every post. You can dive deeper into the IDEO ideology with a recent podcast featuring Tim Brown the CEO and President at IDEO.


Neil Stevens is an Illustrator and Graphic Artist working in London. He states on his website that his prints are “unique, original illustrations that have a hint of nostalgia, vintage yet modern feel.” On his Instagram page, you will find recurring themes of cycling, postage stamps, and interesting uses of color.


Design Seeds was launched for “all who love color” by Jessica Colaluca, in May 2009. Her Instagram page provides seeds of inspiration with a corresponding color pallet to reference. Design Seeds is a great resource when you are trying to decide on a color direction for your next project.


While an obvious choice for design Inspiration, it is tried and true. Pantone has been setting the color standard since 1963. Designed to be a global color matching system it has grown into a worldwide design icon with its proprietary numbering system and chip format. Each year they release the “color of the year” in December which sets the tone for color trends for the following year. Living Coral 16-1546 will represent 2019.


Founded in 2009, Creative Boom Magazine is an online magazine servicing the creative community. It focuses on art, crafts, graphic design, illustration, and photography. Their Instagram features a wide array of design styles and mediums and is sure to have a little something for everyone.


Accidently Wes Anderson takes submissions from followers who happen across settings which give a design nod to the Film Director Wes Anderson. These images often provide a look into a bespoke environment which has interesting design lines, vintage coloring, and heavy symmetry. If you are a fan of Wes Anderson’s unique design aesthetic, this is a page that will inspire you daily.


Focusing heavily on logos and branding, James Martin highlights almost an exclusively black and white design page. Each design has a very precise feel to it. Throughout the posted he showcases his design process for unique typography and logo building which is helpful for those just getting started. He is also the owner of the design studio Baby Giant based in the UK.


This is a group of potential and most talented graphic artist that inspire and motivate other designers also with their creative and impressive work. This group is continuously growing as well as working with many clients around the world in the fields of a logo, business card, branding, and visual identity, magazines, t-shirt, letterhead, packaging, and label design.


Josh Luke and Meredith Kasabian are a duo who have mastered the craft of hand-painted signs, logo design, custom lettering, and mural paintings. Based in Boston, MA, they provide clients with one-of-a-kind, remarkable,  and attractive hand-crafted signage. Their page features an extensive collection of signs, lettering, and design processes. They truly create masterpieces!

The also co-founded the Pre-Vinylite Society, which is a network of sign enthusiasts and advocates.


Brandon is a freelance graphic designer working in NYC. He states that his focus is on digital design, and branding. He’s always engaged in all phases of design from print to art. Throughout his page, you’ll find current branding projects and the use of typography.

We hope the above accounts inspire you to think outside the box and produce great design work. What Instagram accounts do you follow for inspiration? Comment them below, and we’ll be sure to check them out.

Graphic Design Inspiration:

From these impressive accounts, you can link to the accounts they follow and continue to explore the endless opportunities to be inspired.