We discuss ways to help you and your business create an effective printed brochure.

How to Design an Effective Business Brochure

While there are a variety of printed materials to increase conversion rates, printing business brochures can be a particularly effective outbound marketing technique.

If your business is thinking about using brochures to share information regarding its products and services with the public, the following strategies can be beneficial.

Designing Tips

Charts and Graphs

In many cases, you may want to include complex data in your brochure so that your customers attain a thorough understanding of the products and services you’re offering. When this happens, you can make it easy for your prospective clients to grasp your concepts by including charts and graphs in your informational brochures.

In addition to breaking down complex concepts into easily digestible material, charts and graphs can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your brochure by adding variety of shapes and colors. Since this is the case, you may want to make use of charts and graphs in your brochures even if the information found therein can be understood without them.

Value-Adding Information About Products And/or Services

While creating and disseminating information regarding your business’s products and services is a great step towards increasing your conversion rates, you have to go beyond simply informing prospective customers about the fact that you’re selling something.

Specifically, you have to show your customer that the products and services you’re offering are valuable. This component of the marketing process is important for several reasons, including the fact that your target audience may already be using a product that is similar to your own.

When this is the case, you need to build value by showing the distinct benefits or attributes that your product has, which can help make it stand out against its competitors.

Include a Call To Action

One of the most important aspects of a great brochure is the call-to-action. After you’ve introduced your products and built up their value by providing the prospective customer with important information, it’s very important that you include a call-to-action.

Although broadly defined, the call-to-action basically amounts to you asking the customer to complete some action that will precipitate conversion. Examples would be asking the customer to “Call now for a free quote or estimate.” Another example would be “If you call within the next 24 hours, we’ll offer you 50% off your purchase.”

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By implementing some or all of the strategies listed above, you can help ensure that your company experiences the perpetual growth that you want. We do offer custom graphic design services. Learn more about our graphic design services.

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