Marketing with Bookmarks

Bookmarks: Think Outside the Book

With school days just around the corner, students are gearing up with their back-to-school supplies. With any academic setting comes the use of textbooks and novels, and thus the need for personalized bookmarks.

They are perhaps one of the most underused tools in the marketing tool belt. Their compact and portable size makes them the perfect token to distribute. And because readers of all ages can use them, it allows a company to target as small or wide a demographic as possible. 

We currently offer them in 2″ x 8″ and 1.5″ x 7″ sizes on a variety of stock options.

Who Can Benefit from Bookmark Printing?

Bookmarks can be used as marketing tools.

Learning Centers

Learning Centers are perfect for bookmark marketing. Not only can a custom bookmark be used as a practical placeholder for their books, but its canvas can host informative educational information. Reach elementary school children by offering a list of commonly misspelled words, introductory Spanish vocabulary, mini multiplication tables, or converting one of the bookmark’s edges into a ruler. By adding an educational twist to your advertising materials, your recipient is more likely to hold onto the token.

Extracurricular Programs

Almost every student has some form of extracurricular activity they participate in—from drama classes to Jiu-Jitsu. Bookmarks are a great way to promote your brand. Use bookmarks to draw potential customers in with a discount on a class package or a first free class.

Run a cooking class for chefs-in-the-making? Bookmarks are perfect for featuring a table of measurements, an easy recipe for students to try at home, or photos of current students with their culinary creations. Be sure to add links to your website and registration links.

Don’t be afraid to cross-promote with other companies either. For example, if you head up a baseball team, use your bookmarks to highlight some of the top athletic stores for cleats, baseball bats, and other sports gear in your area.

Colleges and Universities

With fall comes the beginning waves of acceptance letters. Colleges and universities can offer custom bookmarks into their acceptance packages with information on the required summer reading, upcoming orientation dates, and important essentials for dorm living.

Bookmarks are more than a placeholder for reading materials; they’re a potential treasure trove for your business information.

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