October Free Wallpaper

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Welcome to fall! In celebration of the Pumpin Spiced Latte, newly changing leaves, and all things Fall, here are this month’s FREE digital wallpapers. The desktop version features a handy October calendar and the mobile version will keep you inspired all month long. Download yours today!

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Bonus Fun Facts:

Did you know that America is the only place where this time of year is referred to as Fall? Originally it was just known as Harvest or Autumn, but then poets started referencing the “falling of leaves”, which eventually was turned into what we know today as the Fall Season.

Does fall make you want to curl up with that special someone by the fire? According to Redbook, you are not alone! And as reported by BestLife.com, the cold weather actually makes you more likely to crave emotional warmth.

“Being physically cold makes people crave emotional warmth. As fall approaches, casual summer trysts are traded in for a relationship that will last through the long, dark winter months. In fact, more singles update their status to ‘in a relationship’ and ‘engaged’ during the fall months than any other time of the year.”

Scott Valdez, founder of Virtual Dating Assistants

Did you know that pumpkin is the number one flavor that people crave during the fall? But, what’s really interesting is that studies show this craving has nothing to do with the pumpkin flavor. People actually crave the nostalgia and the way pumpkin makes you feel vs how it tastes. (Source: NPR)

So whatever your reason is for loving the fall, we hope that you enjoy time with loved ones, eating fresh pumpkin bread, and downloading your free digital wallpapers!


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