Learn About Primoprint's Hero Card Design Process with Miracle Racing

Hero Card Design Feature: Miracle Racing

Project: Racing Hero Cards & Sticker Design for Miracle Motorsports.

Designer: Brooke

Racing Background:

Kellena came to us in need of Hero Cards for her two children Zack and Maddie Micacle. She wanted professional-looking Hero Cards that both Zack and Maddie could sign and hand out at races to their fans. She was able to provide a few photos of both kids. Plus, she also included some background information that would go on the back of the Hero Cards.

The second project would consist of two stickers with each of the kids’ car numbers on them, which they would also hand out at races.

Hero Card Design Process:

First, I started with Maddie’s card. I used the colors from her car to create the number and driver’s name. I wanted to create movement and show off how great her car looks. It was also important to incorporate the three provided photos, and I added the checkered flag and desert background to make the card more dramatic.

Custom hero card design for Maddie Miracle. Front and back design.

When I moved on to Zack’s card, I knew that I wanted his to be unique, while still allowing the cards to feel united. I used some of the same colors, fonts, lines, and flag image, but incorporated some new elements as well.

The front and back design of Zack Miracle custom hero cards.

For the stickers, I included their name/number with the flag background, so both pieces coordinated well together.

Final Hero Card:

In the end, Kellena, Zack, and Maddie were all very happy with their hero cards and racing stickers. This was a great project to be a part of. We love seeing young drivers be passionate about what they do and work hard to succeed.

For information on how we can design a custom hero card for yourself or your children, please contact us at design@primoprint.com.

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